Ile-Ife Crisis: Osun CSO Condemns Buhari, Aregbesola, Police Over One-sided Arrest


As reaction still trailed the one sided arrest of the acclaimed
culprits of the recent civil unrest involving Yoruba /Hausa in
Ile-Ife,Osun State where some lives were lost during the fracas,a
civil group under the aegis of Civil Societies Coalition for the
Emancipation of Osun State(CSCEOS) has condemned the President
Muhammadu Buhari,the State governor,Mr. Rauf Aregbesola and the
authority of Nigeria Police Force(NPF) led by IGP Ibrahim Kpotum Idris
over one sided arrest of only Yoruba people,including the the two
monarchs,saying that President Buhari has been pursuing Hausa/Fulani
agenda since inception of this administration in May 29th, 2015.

The group strongly rejected the action of the Nigeria Police by
parading the twenty Yoruba persons in Abuja on Monday for allegedly
master minded the crisis and leaving Hausa people that beheaded the
Vulcanizer and as well killed other Yoruba people that lost their
lives during the  fracas,noting that the security operatives were bias
in the conduct of their investigation of the crisis,calling for the
immediate and unconditional release of innocent residents from Police

It alleged the State governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola for playing
politics with the lives of Osun indegenes by failing to condemn the
one-sided arrest of the innocent Ile-Ife citizens by the security
agents as Chief Security Officer of the State,because President Buhari
who happened to be his party leader in the country,was from
Hausa/Fulani ethnic group,saluting the courage of the groups and
individuals that spoke against the injustice meted out to Yoruba race
in their fatherland.

Reacting to the way and manner the innocent residents of Ile-Ife were
arrested in connection with the recent Ile-Ife March 8 crisis between
Yoruba and Hausa and their subsequent paraded before the Media ,
through a statement issued and signed by CSCEOS’s Chairman, Comrade
Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman and a copy was made available to Journalists
on Tuesday, faulted the security operatives for their bias and
unfairness to the arrested innocent residents.

It further stressed that Yoruba race would not take this action
lightly with President Buhari controlling the Nigeria Police Force to
clampdown on Yoruba people as they did during the June 12 Presidential
election annulment saga where many innocent Yoruba leaders were killed
unjustly,calling on Yoruba leaders and groups to rise up against this
injustice of highest order  from Ibrahim Idris led Nigeria Police
Force by seeing to the immediate and unconditional release of arrested
innocent Ile-Ife residents.

They described the Security operative action as unacceptable,barbaric,
unfair,satanic, evil,ungodly and crime against humanity and God,urging
the the Police to live above board in dealing with a situation of this
nature by not engaging in action that might trigger another crisis in
our society,adding that nothing good would not come out of the Police
investigation than to bring unnecessary tension to the peaceful town.

According to the CSCEOS: “President Muhammadu Buhari since inception
on May 29th ,2105,has been pursuing Hausa/Fulani agenda which made the
Police under IGP Ibrahim Idris not to bring any Fulani herdsmen to
justice over illegal killing of innocent citizens across the country
in recent past.The action of the Nigeria Police in arresting the only
Yoruba after the March 8 crisis in IIe-Ife, had shown the high level
of bias of the security agent that are supposed to live above board.We
strongly condemns the violent clash but it is our believe that police
should conduct the investigation to unravel the the crisis,not to be
one sided.

“Yoruba race are not second class citizens to other ethnic groups in
Nigeria and the security operative action is unacceptable and totally
rejected by all and sundry.Our advise to the Nigeria Police over this
matter, is to release the innocent residents arrested unconditionally
by going for option of amicable resolution.We do not want a situation
that citizens would be attacking police formations in the area if
their family members are not released on time to other members.As we
all know that Hausas and Yorubas have been living together in Ile-Ife
and other town in Osun State for a very long time and this avoidable
Ile-Ife crisis should not be allowed to escalate.We pray that May God
return undiluted peace to the Ile-Ife, the cradle  of Yoruba race” .

Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman,
(Revolutionary Alfa)
Chairman, Civil Societies Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun State (CSCEOS)
+2348038591504, +2348022697573