God?: Ida, Wild Fires Unfortunately Ravage US States with Vaccine Mandates

Lazy eyes listen


The way of scientific research which is hinged on the scientific theory, is by associations. In science, a hypothesis –question– is made, like: did the storm pass through states with mandates? Then the data is scoured to find any association. Based on the results, the conclusion is written. For instance, today, “climate change” is being associated with recent weather tragedies. In science there is no fact and conclusions are subject to refutation and can be totally abandoned at any time, however associations are used to create the library of knowledge that leads scientific thought and policy actions.

Let’s play around with the science of recent events. We look at states and cities with vaccine mandates and compare with the pathway of hurricane Ida.

New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Orleans, San Fransisco and Los Angeles have vaccine mandates in place.

These states have all been unfortunately struck by devastation of Ida and wild fires.

States with vaccine mandates: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, California

Caldor Fire: Firefighters battle wildfires, fatigue and Covid-19 as California braces for an extended fire season

States with bans on vaccination were thus far spared.

States that have bans on mandating vaccines.

From a purely academic point of view, we find a correlation or positive association of states with vaccine mandates and the path of Ida’s destruction. We hope it ain’t so.

*This is purely an academic and religious review