Gone But Not Fallen: Tribute To Col. Kabiru Salisu

Late Colonel Kabiru Salisu

Apr. 11, 2014


To the list of our recent heroes, departed but not fallen: President Umaru Yar’Adua, Gen. Andrew Owoye Azazi, Sheikh Albani Zaria, and the thousands of others whose names we store as the numbers of their day of massacre, adds one more martyr; one more mighty warrior, one more Zephyr who paid the ultimate price and made the ultimate sacrifice that Nigeria may be free from the terror of the system.

Colonel Kabiru Salisu, I do not know you personally, yet I do know you. Not from the moving outpouring of love, the tributes that are written everywhere your name is posted; of your kind nature, the way you catered to the people, how you laughed and made others laugh, the great son of Kaduna you were. No, not from these. Not from the details of the valiant platoon leader you were and how you coordinated responses at Boko Haram while keeping your team members safe. Not also from relating to the travesty of the perhaps compromised quality army Armored Personnel Carrier, APC you drove that fateful day, which Boko Haram was able to set alight. No, not from these.

I know you because of the struggle. You are my brother, because you fight, you fight the tentacles of the monster. I know you and I miss you because you are the Nigerian army. The last remaining figment of morality and order in Nigeria. You did not create the Boko Haram crises. You are not one of the politician sponsors of Boko Haram. You are not one of those who looted Nigeria’s common wealth in past regimes and lives in mansions in Otta or Minna, and the like, to whose credit the poor became poorer and terror became the consequence; no, you are not one of those.

You are not one of these who armed thugs as political terrorists, soon to become Boko Haram and MEND. No, dignified Sir; you are not. It was not you who focused on looting Nigeria’s 20-127 billion ‘missing’ dollars, rather than purchasing drones, modern equipment and MRAP APC’s for the army who were to be engaged cleaning up their political sponsored mess; no, not you Sir. It was not you who refused the army’s desperate call to the leadership for more battalions and better equipment.

You knew the origins of the troubles, you saw the monster… the terror monster had its head in Abuja. You knew that the war against terror emerging in each part of Nigeria was only fighting the tentacles of a monster of our fourth republic, whose home was Abuja, whose legs are armored and bomb proof jeeps and whose wings were unlimited private jets. You boys in the army know these things, not as conspiracies, you understand the reality of things and the root source of the terror you combat.

You, brother Kabiru Salisu knew all these but unlike us the fallen ones, who do not fulfill our pledge to Nigeria; unlike us and the leadership in Abuja who avoid Borno, even avoiding simply talking of it; you went there! You confronted the evil. You fought the evil. While we cower, so-far unable, till now, that is, to revolt and expel the Cabal.

You told your friends it will be OK, but you were not so sure. You knew you may be making the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the Cabal. You prayed the Good Lord have mercy on you. He did. You are no more here with us… us who failed to fight. Us who ran away. Us who fell to the wicked. We fallen 168 million, mostly youth who have allowed Nigeria actually move backward, today with more robbery, death, rituals and disorganization, poverty and lawlessness than any period before; who have allowed a handful of weakling, wicked cabal steal ownership of all the oil wells, of all the resource before it even enters the Nigerian economy and after in every single contract and again from our pockets in goods purchased at exorbitant prices; and yet we failed to lift a finger, but only whined. You have left this prison of millions of fallen cowards who have left the politician maggots who clearly created and sponsored Boko Haram and all other terror menaces, in charge of the nation and political dispensation.

But like late Yar’Adua, Azazi, Albani and those whose names we remember as the numbers of the day of their massacre, you, brother, Colonel Kabiru Salisu, are gone, departed but not fallen. You did not fall.

The Bible says: “A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring.” Proverbs 25:26, KJV

Colonel Kabiru Salisu. You are gone but not fallen.

You have made us soldiers today. We will fight that your death does not go in vain. Not a single more innocent civilian and army life needs be sacrificed at the altar of the Cabal. Not anymore shall we fall for the wicked.

Nigeria Must Be Free! Nigeria Will Be Free!

Oct. 1st, 2014 #Our2ndIndependence

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
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