Govt, labor Called To Intervene In Persistent High Cost of Goods In Spite of Dollar Crash

Yohanna Buru

Dollar crash; High-cost of Commodities, Goods & services in Nigerian markets worries Activists, and Religious leaders, thereby Calling on Government, Labor and trade union for quick intervention

Despite the continuous daily crashing of foreign currencies In Nigeria ,Marketers seems to be taking more advantage by not reducing any prices of goods and services in Nigerian markets,there by making life extremely difficult for the ordinary citizens,and other unemployed people that are living in both Rural and urban cities of Nigeria.

Comrade Ramatu Tijjani who is a peace actives from Northern Nigeria, in an interview with the press men  shortly after visiting some local markets in some states of  the region said, Most of the prices of food commodities, Goods and services remain as they are ,as majority of the marketers fail to change and immensely understand that the prizes of foreign currency has fall down, but they fall to reduce the cost of Goods in the market.

Ramatu said, it’s a surprise to see that till now despite the crashing of dollar below 400 naira, the prices of foods crops and building material and ,various commodities ,cost of Animal,and spare part of vehicles , and other social services  still remain high without any reduction, adding that this is affecting Nigerians, most especially the masses, the unemployed graduate, less privileged and widows and street destitutes that are finding lives extremely hard as a result of the economic recession.

Additionally, the actives pointed out clearly that, Many Nigerian local marketers have never used Dollars or making any of their business transaction with it, but so surprises to see them, telling you that it’s as a result of hike of foreign currency in Nigeria that is making every thing cost in the local market.

Comrade Ramatu then calls on federal government, Nigerian labour union, and Trade union, with human right organization to quickly intervene, through dialoging with market union by solving the problems through crashing the prizes of Goods in the market as marketers fail to comply.” Dollars has crash but yet markets still sell all product at high prizes, can you imagine, what does sugar cane, vegetable, onion, pepper, Tomato’s and okro, Mango and paw-paw  got to do with the rise of Dollars for God sake, they have been taking advantage of extorting from the public, not knowing that one day,the prizes will fail down.”

Further more,it was observed that even Religious leaders ,Non Governmental organization and civil organization across the country are not really happy with the attitude of some Nigerian marketers for not complying with the situation on ground, in view of the fact that, Dollars has crash but prizes of food items and other commodities still remain as they are in various markets.

Take for example of  Kaduna state ,the northern city of Nigeria, pastor Yohanna Buru had also visited and tour some local markets in some part of the state with team of some muslims and Christians to see for them served.

Buru expressed shocked on the attitudes of some of the marketers as they fail to reduce prizes of goods ,just like how the prizes of foreign currency had fail-down in the country.

Buru urged  the food sellers and other commodities  in the assorted market to consider the suffering Nigerians are going through which is as a result of hike of dollar that is crashing down now and appealing to marketers both Home and abroad to cut-down prizes of commodities in other to make the common man happy. So that God will bless the little in-come they got,rather than getting large income, that wont get any blessing from the almighty God.

Pastor Yohanna Buru  said, the increase in the prices of food commodities at various markets has forced many Nigerians into difficulties ,adding that most prices of food stuff and other commodities in the market have almost triple-up than the normal price ,which is becoming worrisome “adding that  God is not really happy with the marketers that are taking advantages of any opportunity to make more money by cheating the pubic, calling on them to repent and fear the consequences on the day of  judgment day.

In less than Two month To Ramadan, Pastor Buru then urged all marketers not to take the advantage of the season to triple –up prizes to as to enabled Muslims to buy food stuff at affordable prizes for the 30 days fasting and prayer.

One of the marketer who doesn’t want his name to be mansion said,They bought some of the Goods from abroad  in higher prizes of dollar, it’s not their fault, because even their companies buys most of the product from abroad with higher foreign currency and its disturbing them too.

He said ‘Nigerians should stop blaming them for the hike of prices, adding also that There is no market,and they are running their  business at loss because the Dollar, they also needed support to boost their business.