GPA Reveals Why Chibok Girls Release is Being Delayed, Says Bill Gates Behind Abduction

Image: Bill gates with Nigeria’s minister of Agriculture, Adesina and President of Nigeria

June 7, 2014

The Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) has revealed that the reason for the delay in the release of the abducted Chibok school girls despite the involvement of international forces is that American billionaire, Bill Gates/Monsanto and his biotechnology firms’ associates want the release of the Chibok girls in exchange for passage of National Health Bill (NHB) 2014.

When passed into law, NHB 2014 would permit them to donate or sell their ovarian eggs in times of need without let or hindrance.

Dangote's mentor, Bill Gates calls Dambisa Moyo, author of "Dead Aid" a killer
Dangote’s mentor, Bill Gates calls Dambisa Moyo, author of “Dead Aid” a killer

Global Prolife Alliance had been accusing Gates of sponsoring the Boko Haram insurgents in the North Eastern part the country in order to capture the food security of Nigeria and control Africa’s largest nation by population and economy, adding that this could only be possible by fighting to displace the indigenous farmers in the country and replace them with Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs corporate farms in the North East food basket region of Nigeria.

In a statement made available t, the president of the group, Dr. Phil Njemanze insisted that

Bill Gates/Monsanto were funding Boko Haram and had been responsible for the kidnapping of the Chibok Girls from North Eastern Nigeria as a meansto add pressure on Nigerian Government to allow GMOs and Human Egg Trafficking.

He disclosed that the latest insight obtained by GPA analysts across the globe was that the reason the release of the girls was taking so long despite the USA, UK, France, China involvement is that Bill Gates/Monsanto and the biotechnology firms’ associates still want the release of the Chibok girls in exchange for passage of National Health Bill (NHB) 2014.

If this bill becomes law, Njemanze said it would enable the biotechnology firms to obtain over 100 million human Ovarian Eggs for Trafficking from as many as 10 million Nigerian women who themselves would die in 2-3 years from complications of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (liver failure, kidney failure, cancer, infections, infertility etc).

Bill Gates, the GPA boss disclosed, owns over 90% of the embryonic stem cell research industry and needs the ovarian eggs for therapeutic cloning of human organs.

Google search results for "Bill gates Vaccines Reduce Population"
Google search results for “Bill gates Vaccines Reduce Population”

“The market is worth $30 trillion USD, hence, the tacit endorsement of many Western leaders to boost their economies. The NHB 2014, in the Section on Interpretation (deletes Gametes from Donor Consent Clause protection) thereby allowing trafficking on human ovarian eggs.

“Furthermore, NHB 2014 in Section 51 allows human organ trafficking by deleting DONOR CONSENT as a precondition for organ transplantation. Hence, directly selling all NIGERIANS in human organ parts to Western patients who need organs.

“The details of other deleterious effects of NHB 2014 including closure of all Nigerian hospitals within 24 months to allow Western hospital satellites to thrive in organ harvesting are enclosed in the Consensus Declaration by Stakeholders and NHB 2014 hereby attached. Some corrupt Nigerian politicians are acting as go between trying to get the NASS (Senate has passed it) particularly the House of Reps to pass the NHB 2014 for a quick presidential assent to end the Crisis.

“Please oppose the NHB 2014 as the best way to say to Bill Gates #BringBackOurGirls under no conditions! We cannot bring the Girls back only to kill them by harvesting their eggs and organs and those of all other Nigerians. We say NO to this EVIL!”