After Gulping $18 Billion, Jonathan, Army Chiefs Lost Uranium, Crude Oil Rich, Fertile Borno To Boko Haram


I’m simply following the money here. It has been 18 billion USD invested into the so-called war against Boko Haram over the past five years of this Jonathan government. $18 BILLION Dollars! And what did we buy with the money? What did we achieve with it? We have practically lost Borno to Boko Haram. We have lost thousands of lives, limbs and livelihoods. They say there is only one operational jet bombing Boko Haram; I don’t know how true that is, but with the comfortable way Boko Haram advances as illustrated in all their videos, I doubt we have even one useful jet engaged in this war after 18 billion dollars was pumped into it.

It is no longer news that many of our soldiers have not been paid their salaries; this with the 18 billion dollars the government has spent in this war. So I ask- on what did they spend this money? Where is the 18 billion dollars? Why are we losing Borno to Boko Haram after spending 18 billion dollars? Is the money in Switzerland? #WhereIsOurMoney? Is there any kind of accountability for the war spending?

18 billion dollars can buy 40,000 Armored Personnel Carriers, APC’s; it can buy a million drones. It can buy 150,000 helicopters. With just $10 million, we could have armed our Civilian-JTF properly and organized them to comb and decimate Boko Haram in any three months since 2011. 18 billion dollars is 18,000 million dollars! A million dollars would have bought bullet proof jackets for our army of 30,000 CJTF. Another $9 million would have bought them enough vehicles, guns, gear, night vision goggles and anything else they need to terminate Boko Haram in few weeks.

I was discussing with a partner security expert today, he said that if Nigeria paid Cameroon 1 billion dollars, the Cameroonian army would have happily helped us eliminate Boko Haram from Sambisa in a few weeks. Just 1 billion dollars. We are talking about 18 billion dollars that this war has cost Nigeria and we do not see any return for our investment. Rather Nigeria is losing one of its most naturally blessed pieces of real estate; rich in Uranium, oil and farm land. They say in Bama, the Uranium seeps from the ground. Some areas are not habitable because the Uranium that pollutes the wells. Oil has been discovered in the Lake Chad basin. This is how blessed Borno is. No doubt, the reason why it is to be destroyed. The State has remained poor because of the wicked leaders it has had and Nigeria has had who did not promote its development, people like Ali Modu Sheriff. But today, we are losing this piece of land with great African history. A piece of land that could not fall to the Dan Fodio warriors, to some mentally deranged, piece-of-trash, ragtag bandits, because our army chiefs and President have decided to loot our billions and send us to early graves in hopelessness, helplessness and hopelessly, helpless shame.

I am thinking about 18 billion dollars here. Our tiny organization, ENDS donated items worth just a few thousand dollars to the people of Borno. Recently a friend there told me the people were utilizing some classified intelligence reconnaissance equipment to protect themselves in Maiduguri. He said he knew it was we who donated it. I am talking just tiny money here that made a difference for the people. Then I am thinking of 18 billion dollars. If you wish to recollect what 18 billion dollars is and what difference it can make, re-vist my #WhereIsOurMoney article: [$20bn Stolen: Now We All Cannot Buy Shoes! #OccupyNigeria]

I do not see a difference for the people of Borno. I do not see a difference for the Nigerian army, with $18 billion pumped in. The Civilian-JTF who have been the most essential force protecting Borno and environs have complained that they receive little support from the Government. The only people, who seem to be enjoying some kind of difference attributable to the 18 billion is Boko Haram who increase in capacity every day and get the most sophisticated equipment to perpetuate their systematic genocide on the people of our lovely State. Can we deny that they are the only benefactors of the $18 billion?

18 billion dollars to lose all these lives, to have our children locked up in prisons in Bama as in today’s news, to have our daughters abducted for rape and sons conscripted for war. 18 billion to have all our elders slaughtered? 18 billion to lose Borno to Boko Haram? I think we have been defrauded. Defrauded deadly! Ameen to the prayers of our abducted Chibok Angels. May your enemies keep exposing themselves and may Psalm 109 6-15 continue to be their portion as we have been witnessing with the miraculous Davis’ revelations and other events where they are fast unwinding and exposing themselves. We will overcome.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian