Halleluiah + Amen = Money, by Eze Uduma

by Eze Uduma

The equation above may not be a 21st century church concept; nonetheless, this equation is enjoying an overwhelming endorsement and execution by current century church as has never been seen or known at any time in church history. Almost in all places of worship (with very few exceptions), the combination of Halleluiah and Amen has become synonymous with money!

Very recently a neighbour recounted his preacher’s position over this neighbour’s proposal to marry a sister member of their local church. Though the brother had followed a guideline that was agreed to the preacher, the same preacher was indifferent in his dismissal of this brother’s marriage ambition and swiftly unfurled the brother’s financial participation, which he (preacher) told the brother that he failed to sufficiently back up his ‘Hallelujahs and Amens’ with tithes money and first ‘money’ fruit offerings. For the first time, the brother learned that some preachers devote time to monitor contribution records of brethren.

There is a common understanding that a one year toddler need not be informed to move away from a blazing sun. The brother was asked if he would consider leaving that fellowship. This is because if he stays, knowing full well that his preacher has a trademark in manipulating brethren, the brother would be deemed as giving his full endorsement to the preacher’s exploitation activities.

It is has been a while I was delivered from organised and mass manipulation and since then, I have continued to feel secure in my relationship with Adonai; His security around me has given me the confidence to respectfully present the truth concerning the Lord without the fear of offending friends or foes.

Given that many brethren have the mental capacity that is incapable of understanding the meanings of actions and words and how to deal with them wisely, some of us have continued to lean on our own misunderstanding and incapability, which we erroneously and often lump altogether as spiritual obligation to some particular person and place.

Smart pulpit artists understand that many brethren are very lazy mentally and as such wittingly latch on our mental apathy. Many preachers believe that as there is always food for jungle life, there also will be this section of the populace who not only would crawl into the blazing sun, but also will remain in that sun.

Not long ago, a Native American crew travelled to Ghana in West Africa to observe Ghanaian church activities. In one of the few places of worship he covered, he encountered an invited Nigerian pulpit artist. This Nigeria brother began with jibes of mixed languages and before they audience could settle down with amen to the preachers many halleluiahs, they preacher confronted the congregation with what his perceived god (possibly his stomach) told him the previous night.

Accordingly, that they were people in that local Ghanaian church, the visiting Nigerian preacher’s god want to come out and give money in dollars.” But if his over night vision was aimed at the visiting Americans, he was wrong, because while a few people went out clutching rumpled dollar notes, the Native Americans were busy analyzing members outlook including attendees with severely worn out dresses and flip flops (i.e. slippers). If some preachers are to be blamed for innovating Halleluiahs into money, so will the supporters of deception for echoing Amens into money.

My neighbour’s preacher in United Kingdom opened his member’s financial records because the preacher saw my neighbour as someone who cannot figure out the difference between a shade and a blazing sun; it is the same reason my dear Sister Paula White and others like her could not wait for 31/01/15 to come having worked round the clock to sensitize people on first ‘money’ fruit sacrifice.

31/01/15 was the day when workers ought to have received their monthly wages, which first fruits sponsors have eagerly awaited to be transferred (in full) to their storehouses; failure to heed to Paula’s First fruits January call, all other 2015 earnings will become unholy! In their faulty imagination: “whatever anyone does with the rest 11 months wages will not please Adonai.”

Introducing brother Hayworth’s earlier remarks, these preachers do not believe the Bible; if they did they would not be preaching this stuff. So it is pointless imploring them to desist.  Christ did not implore the Pharisees to desist He rebuked them.  He did, however, warn the people against following these hypocrites.  These preachers have been warned on more than one occasion:

A man that is an heretic after the first and second admonition reject; knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself-Titus 3:10-11.

Adonai, bless every righteous activity we engage in this February and the remainder of 2015. Amen!