As Hundreds of Orphans Protest In Abuja, Buhari Told To Unearth Kaduna Government Mass Grave

Amnesty international Satellite image of Mando mass grave where hundreds of victims were secretly buried

Unearth the Shia Mass Graves in Nigeria

Last week thousands of Orphaned children of the victims of Zaria Genocide protested in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, asking President Buhari and the Nigerian Government “Where are our parents?”. The Orphaned children wore their various school uniforms and staged the protest. Their parents went to Zaria on 12th December, 2015, to attend the Flag-changing ceremony of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky at the Iconic Zaria Husseiniyya from the Flag of mourning to Flag of celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (sa). There parents were not seen till date.

President Buhari sent the Army to Zaria on that occasion and they brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia children, women and men and wickedly dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. That inhuman and brutal massacre of innocent Nigerians shocked the world, the savagery of the slaughter was extreme and the inhumanity glaring. President Buhari then visited Saudi Arabia and Qatar boasting that he murdered 1000+ innocent Nigerians “to curtail Iranian influence in Africa”. But today Iranian influence continue to grow in Africa. Every week African government officials troop to Iran to improve ties and sign bilateral agreements for economic ties. President Buhari that thought mass-murder of Shia civilians will curtail Iranian influence in Africa can only helplessly watch these developments.

The thousands Orphaned children of #ZariaMassacre are today primary and High school students with inquisitive minds, they have all the rights to ask President Buhari “Where are our parents?” as their parents left home on that unfortunate day and disappeared with no trace of them, Enforced  Disappearances and state-sponsored terrorism by the Buhari’s Regime. One of the protesters, Fatima Mustapha whose father, Dr. Mustapha Saed, and her three (3) brothers disappeared asked President Buhari to produce her family members or their dead bodies. Another protester, Aliyu A. Zaki, asked President Buhari what happened to his five (5) relatives – three sisters, a child and a son-in-law?

The first action of Buhari, Elrufai and their murderous gang after the inhuman massacre of 1000+ innocent Nigerians in Zaria was to bury the victims in mass graves. Elrufai then destroyed all the physical evidences of the Shia pogrom. This action is a war crime under the Rome Status of the International Criminal Court of Hague. The kangaroo commissions Buhari and Elrufai formed were to dilute their heinous crimes of genocide against the Nigerian Shia minority.

Before the inhuman Zaria genocide, Nigerians only hear the phrase “mass graves” from #BokoHaram massacres then President Buhari brutally murdered 1000+ innocent Nigerians and wickedly dumped bodies in mass graves at night. Nigerians should ask this question “What is the connection of Buhari, Elrufai and their murderous gang with BokoHaram terrorism?”

In past governments BokoHaram chose Buhari to be one of their representative in negotiations with the Nigerian government as they said they trusted him. Recently the Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha AlHassan, accused Elrufai of been part of BokoHaram #ChibokGirls abduction. Anybody that will plan and execute the brutal slaughter of 1000+ people must be related to bloodthirsty terrorism. In Zaria genocide Buhari, Elrufai and their murderous gang burnt Shia infants alive and burnt Shia pregnant women alive, why such extreme savagery and barbaric inhumanity?

On a final note, Nigerians should insist on the unearthing of the Shia mass graves of 1000+ innocent Nigerians. Elrufai confessed to the existence of one Shia mass grave in Mando, outskirt of Kaduna. Where are the remaining, we must ask?

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]