Important Message To My Sunni Sect Brethren: On the Evil of Supporting Murderous Terrorism, by @Elbinawi Tweets

@Elbinawi Tweets on the Evil of supporting Murderous Terrorism:

When #ISIS invaded the Iraqi city of Mosul, the #Sunni population there celebrated.
Then ISIS started killing them. They called for help!

Our Sunni brothers and sisters must understand that murderous Wahhabi terrorism (ISIS, AlQaeda) will never bring glory & greatness to them.

The evil ideology of #Wahhabism that is built on hate, intolerance and murderous terrorism will never bring glory to Sunni #Islam.

The overwhelming majority of all the victims of #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram etc are Sunnis. Those killing innocent Sunnis are not helping.

When the bloodthirsty Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari murdered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria, the savage Saudi @KingSalman called him & celebrated.

Today the evil Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari desperately want to exonerate himself from blame of the #ZariaMassacre. Evil is never attractive