Investigation: President Jonathan Budgets Millions For Medical Rehabilitation Board To Maintain Roads And Bridges

…Another millions for Non-Existing security documents

Jan. 5, 2014


by Fejiro Oliver

As Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan continues his quest to acquire wealth for the 2015 election, those in the Medical Rehabilitation Board of Nigeria (MRTB) seems to have towed the same pattern. has uncovered various absurdities in the allocation to the medical board. One of such weird allocation is the sum of N2.66 million for the board to maintain Nigeria roads and bridges, jobs which is supposed to be under the supervision of the Ministry of works. The medical board which comprises of mainly clinical staff saddled with the onerous task of treating various disorders in the human body and sometimes using treatment to prevent surgical operation.

A careful look at the budget for health sector reveals that the MRTB has the most outrageous allocation for projects which sources within the board reveals will not be carried out. Another of such meant to go to private pockets is the allocation of N 2.25 million for the printing of security document. When asked what that mean, one of our sources stated that “ask them not me. What are they printing that is security? When have they become the armed forces or any security agents that they now secretly print documents which will gulp such money?”

The board is the only one among all the health boards that will be printing ‘security document’.  The board has also budgeted another N558 thousand for legal services when they are not enmeshed in any legal tussle, prompting the reason behind such allocation. A number of vehicles worth N16.5 million has also be earmarked for the operation of the board, while construction of an unnamed building in an unnamed location is set to gulp N50.5 million.

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