Investors lose N78 as sell-off grips Nigeria’s capital market Rundown by Emefiele FOREX Cabal Scandal

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Investors in Nigeria’s capital market lost N78.09 billion on Thursday as equity capitalization fell by -0.29 percent.

On Thursday, after eight hours of trading on the capital market floor, the equity capitalization fell from N26.80 billion to N26.72 trillion.

Similarly, the All-Share Index fell 144.79 basis points to end the day at 49,546.38, down from 49,691.17 on Wednesday.

Today, investors traded 146.98 million shares worth N2.64 billion in 3,180 transactions.

This surpassed the previous day’s total of 128.78 million shares worth N4.12 billion, which changed hands in 3,492 transactions.

FTN Cocoa led the gainers with a 10% increase in share price, moving from N0.30kobo to N0.33kobo per share.

The share price of Regal Insurance increased by 8.70 percent, rising from N0.23kobo to N0.25kobo per share.

Prestige’s share price increased by 8.33 percent to N0.52kobo per share, up from N0.48kobo.

Redstar Express gained N0.15kobo to close at N2.70kobo per share, up from its opening price of N2.55kobo.

Caverton’s share price rose 3.96 percent to N1.05 per share, up from N1.01 previously.

NEM topped the losers’ table, dropping from N4.41kobo to N3.97kobo per share after losing N0.44kobo.

Okomu Oil’s share price fell by N21.60kobo to end trading at N195.30kobo per share, down from N216.90kobo.

UPL lost N0.21kobo to end trading at N1.91kobo per share, down from N2.12kobo.

Lasaco’s share price fell from N1.15kobo to N1.04kobo after losing N0.11kobo during trading.