Jonathan’s Five Sins Against The People of Lagos

The governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola has said that President Goodluck Jonathan has failed the people of Lagos. He said this on February 26 during an Ifako/Ijaye APC rally in the state.

Below are five quotes from his speech, curated by NAIJ:

1. “They have said the President is coming to Lagos. He is welcome to come; Lagos is part of his constituency but we will not vote for him because when we needed him, he did not come to help us. When the international airport road was damaged and he promised to fix it, did you see him?”

2 “When Ebola hit Lagos, did he come? When Kuramo Beach was overflowing and it was going to wipe out the entire Goshen Beach Estate, did you see the President?

3 “When I took him to Ibeju-Lekki, where people were losing their lands, we flew in a helicopter to the place but after that, the President never returned. I wrote letters and appealed but no response.”

4 “We have been using your taxes to protect those communities. So, you have been on your own, with your own party and government. So, he can come 200 times but will you vote for him?”

5 “The only time the President works is a few weeks to elections. When there was security problem in Lagos, who was buying guns and patrol vehicles for the police? Was it not us?”