Kaduna Judicial Panel Objects To Shia Muslims Studying In Iran


The finally released Mohammed Lawal Garba-led Kaduna Judicial Inquiry into the Zaria massacre has among other statements underlined the access to scholarship of Shia Muslims to study in Iran.

As seen in below quote, the unusual reference to such academic pursuit questions the aims and posture of the committee. Notably tens of thousands of Nigerian students are given scholarships to study in Saudi Arabia, the United States and Europe. Why Shia Muslims being given scholarships to study in Iran is an item of inquiry is questionable. The Judicial panel has been criticized to be a radical Wahhabi-linked panel with notable Sausi-Arabia-Wahhabi sponsored and educated scholars. See here.


The prevailing narrative is that the IMN has received and continues to receive huge support from the Islamic Republic of Iran. The support is believed to have several dimensions including direct donations and finance, offers of scholarships to and training of cadres of the IMN members in Nigeria. In its memorandum to the Commission, the Kaduna State Command of the State Security Service (SSS) wrote inter alia: “Sustained monitoring of the activities of the group revealed an established pattern, suggestive of access to foreign donations, especially from the Islamic Republic of Iran…”

Evidence of Iranian support for IMN cited includes activities of the former diplomats and cultural offices in Nigeria and generous scholarships to Shiites to undertake studies in Universities and Institutions of Islamic education in Iran.