Kaduna: Shoot-At-Sight Order Given For Anyone Who Boos Jonathan; APC Warns Supporters To Stay Indoors

NewsRescue has confirmed the shoot-at-sight order.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Kaduna State Campaign Council has been informed that soldiers have been ordered to shoot APC supporters at sight, as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stages a presidential rally in Kaduna this weekend. Such an order is obviously illegal, and the APC has warned soldiers and other security agents that they would be personally liable, as individuals, for obeying unlawful orders.

Explaining its outrage, an APC spokesman said it has already delayed its Kaduna Central zone rally for two days ago now scheduled for Saturday. Announcing the postponement on Wednesday, Ben Kure, the director-general, said the APC made the decision to postpone because the PDP presidential rally was fixed for Kaduna that day. A step taken by the APC to ensure that political competition can proceed with civility has now been regrettably rewarded with a blatant attempt to turn soldiers into the armed thugs of the PDP.

Following this development, the APC today disclosed that it considers it necessary to advise its supporters to avoid the streets of Kaduna this Saturday. “The APC has noticed a determined effort by our desperate political rivals to stoke violence and increase tension in Kaduna,” Kure explained. “At least five of our campaign vehicles have been attacked as deliberate efforts to provoke, maim and kill our supporters. We will not give them the pretext they are seeking to impose a curfew and use that as a lever to suppress votes, rig and declare fake results.”

APC supporters have been firmly told to stay at home whilst the PDP does its rally. They are expected to stay off the streets, respect the right of our political rivals and calmly avoid responding to provocation.

The APC said it has demonstrated its commitment to peace by today moving its campaign machinery to Southern Kaduna zone today, three days earlier than planned. This ensures that the APC has no political activity in Kaduna this Saturday. “That way, we responsibly keep our supporters off the streets, and we also frustrate the plan to instigate, and then blame violent acts on our supporters,” Kure explained.

“The APC expressed its gratitude to the people of the Kaduna Central zone for their massive turnout and passionate support. Just as Zone 1 demonstrated its support for change, Zone 2 is clearly showing that it’s time to make Kaduna State great again” Kure said. The party said it will conclude the Zone 2 campaign tour next week.