Nigerian Army “Claims” Chad Capture of Malamfatori

With Ibn Fadlallah hunters CDS Alex BAdseh hurriedly liberates his Mubi hometown wheile Boko Haram continues to freely occupy most of Borno state


The Nigerian army is next to claiming they are a part of Chad’s capture of Malamfatori border town from Boko Haram. But the world knows better. They likewise claim Civilian-JTF successes. Here is their release:

Malamfatori Part of MJTF Area of Operation

The Nigerian military has confirmed that Malamfatori is within the Area of Operation (AOR) covered by the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJTF) of which Chad has always been a part. The Defence Headquarters disclosed this on its official twitter page adding that the Nigerian Airforce has also been conducting air mission in the area in the past two days now. The tweet concluded that the operation “is all part of the ongoing efforts against terrorism.”

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