Kadunites Continue To Kick Against N80m-daily Free Meals, As Lacking Infrastructure Wails

Overcrowded Kaduna school

For the perusal of the executive governor of Kaduna state

By Adamu Abdullahi

Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state
Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state

This is typically one of the government secondary schools is Kaduna state.

This school is called Govt. Day Secondry School Badarawa, it is a school with only 21 classes with an approximate number of 4,000 students, and in each class 250 or more students are cramped together with no room for fresh air. Teachers are faced with a lots of difficulties controlling these large crowd of students.

The school is not fenced and has no toilets what so ever. The students roam the vicinity of the school even during school hours due to lack of a space for them in the classes to sit. The classes are so overcrowded that even fresh is a luxury.

kd school

Now is this not a priority for the government to build more infrastructure that will accommodate these students? Instead government is spending (wasting) almost N80 million daily (N9 billion budgeted for a year) just to give elementary school pupils two slices of yams all in the name of free meals.

Each day’s N80 million can build 80 blocks of classrooms at the official rate.