#KoboSense: @BenMurrayBruce Digs Deeper Hole With More Lies: Says Dana Has No First Class, It’s Business


Caught lying that he does not fly first class, Bayelsa Senator, Ben Murray Bruce added more lies to the heap.

“@harmus14 Are you aware domestic flights (DANA) dont have first Class. Its either business or economy. I flew business. I never fly 1st.” Ben tweeted in angry response to a challenger.

We went to Dana’s Terms and Services to verify:

Dana Airlines allows its passengers to check-in up to 51 Pounds (23 kilograms) of luggage (baggage) for economy and 66 Pounds (30 kilograms) for First class and Business class passengers. Infants are allowed 22 Pounds (10 kilograms). Baggage in excess of specified weight is subject to a fee to be paid at the airport.

Essentially First and Business class are the same on Dana airlines which does have that class Ben flew.

We know it is a semantics game. Same exorbitance, same premier service, same vanity.

The Senator digs deeper in his hole appearing to be trying hard to teach Nigerians #KoboSense.

Nigeria’s Senators have come under heavy condemnation for coveting a whopping N150 billion ($1 billion) budget for their upkeep.