A Litre Of Kerosene Sold To Only Those That Wear Jonathan Campaign T-shirt In Kano

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Diezani Allison, minister of petroleum
Diezani Allison, minister of petroleum

by Alhassan Haruna

Information available indicates that comsumers of kerosene in kano state who throng to NNPC mega stations to buy kerosene at the reduced price are presently subjected to exploitative tendencies by being forced to wear president Jonathan campaign T – shirts  before the product could be sold to any buyer who intend to buy the products at the reduced price of 50 naira per litre.

The NNPC mega station at Hotoro was equally fingered as one of those many mega filling stations in the state that participate in this illegality which continuously exposed the desperation of the Jonathan camp in forcing people to accept Jonathan out of their intended approval and acceptability.

“You must wear the T – shirt before kerosene Will be sold to you”

shouted by one of the attendant, further exposing the people rejection of the idea.

A visit to the place have given me the understanding of the desperation of the Jonathan camp in using coercion for subjugation of Nigerian electorates.

One Adamu said they wont wear Jonathan T-shirt for any reason,he said they will discourage others who may intend doing that and doing that in kano will be suicidal, he concluded.