Madness: Nigerian Men Tattooing their Lips Pink

Feb. 15, 2013

NewsRescue- in what is viewed by many as no less than sheer madness, Nigerian men are tattooing their lower lips pink, at $35 a pop. The reason for this is beyond imagination. Perhaps more of the desperate desire of Africans to define beauty by and wish to appear “Caucasian,” which includes other behaviors like skin bleaching.

Several weeks ago there was the story of women in parts of Senegal that tattoo their gums black as a mark of beauty. A new trend seems to be taking place in the African country of Nigeria according to a recent Huffington Post article.. A video has surfaced showing a man getting his lower lip tattooed a bright pink. He does not seem to be in any discomfort.

While he does not seem to be in any physical pain, the question must be asked why one would choose to alter the skin tone of their body. There seems to be a trend in certain African nations of changing the color of certain parts of their body to become more attractive to the opposite sex. The question is, why?