Too Many Happenings In Nigeria Recently, I’ll Just Summarize Some:


El-Rufai is as hopeless a governor as are the 22,000 teachers. Go ahead and sack the 22,000, but sack yourself along with them for performing as woefully in governorship: illegal demolitions, school feeding sham, massacre and secret burial of hundreds of your citizens, nepotism and family members’ contracts, funding Fulani terrorists; intimidating chocolate city. The list goes on and on. The teachers are as useless as the administrators.

Buhari and Politics and the #FakeNews About the Kanu Father and Son

Can you believe Buhari ran to the east only when Anambra elections approached? Do these things really work? God punish whoever invented democratic politics.

Did you witness how as Anambra election approached there is a new obviously #FakeNews slander campaign thoroughly sponsored in the main stream media targeting not just Nnamdi Kanu, but also his father, Eze Israel Okwu-Kanu? How low will they go? Again, God punish the man that invented democratic politics. While the Buhari government is suspected  by many to have killed or abducted the Kanus on September 14th of this year, the well sponsored tarnish attempt of the boy and his father is a new low. IPOB new leadership, $22 million embezzlement my foot. How retarded. Where dem wan see $22 million?, unless from Daura, Buru or Malami.

So Buhari really pulled Obaino’s security aides. With Buhari’s daily stunts I am beginning to forget why I hated Jonathan so much. Of course, after the media uproar and the senate warned the IGP, Buhari finally had to restore them. But once again, Buhari has been exposed.

Buhari Hunting Down Atiku, But Only Atiku

And if you are not sure yet about who Buhari is. Do you witness the way he actually knows how to pursue the cabal? Yes, Atiku, the one cabal vying for his office. Buhari is doing all the right things against Atiku. But why only Atiku and why now? Obviously ‘cuz Atiku has declared. As Fela sang, “shey na only Atiku dem go hold, what about the other cabals?” Again I say, God punish the inventor of democratic politics.

Ah! So Buhari actually know how to persecute the cabal. @CabalMustGo can learn a thing or two from him to use on all the remaining cabal when the time comes.

On Baru’s Bigger Budget Than Ours Things

And then that budget. Buhari trumped how he spend the last $20 billion and how he will spend the next $26 billion for 2018. But I had to ask: why does Buhari not advertise how the equivalent sum is spent by Makanti Baru? According to minister of state Ibe Kachikwu, Makanti spends over $26 billion too each year. Why does Buhari not flaunt the projects Baru doles out our money direct from source on? Talk about the pipelines, etc as your achievements. Can you believe that Baru spends three times what Buhari spends on all of us for capital projects after financing debts and paying salaries, without any of us even knowing what Baru does with it or scrutinizing it? These are things we shall change when we the people take over power in 2019. Till then, Baru keep bubbling like Ngozi did.

Of Course Our Police Are The Worst In The World

Nigeria’s police labeled the worst in the world. Kudos to Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari for that accolade. I wrote severally about Buhari turning our police into boy scouts while illegally, manically using the army to police the state. Our police are only assigned to protect the cabal and extort the masses in commute. The army have been assigned to to police the streets, and as soldiers do not have handcuffs, they simply massacre offenders and dump or secretly bury them. It’s all a regular day for Nigeria.

On the #ParadisePapers

Tell us something we don’t know. That the cabal, the Dangotes, Emefieles, Ovias, Sarakis and co use shell companies in tax havens to loot Nigeria dry and avoid taxes? That is old news. That is Where APC-PDP gets its money from so of course neither Jonathan nor Buhari will ever touch them. Only we can and shall come 2019 if and when God willing we take over. Till then, Paradise for the cabal and hell for us. #HellPapers, someone?

Another Month: Will Buhari Ever Release The List of  Rotten Looters?

It is another month since Malami promised to finally obey the July 5th court order (by Hon Justice Hadiza Rabiu Shagari on case FHC/CS/964/2016 by SERAP), to reveal the list of looters and the conditions the Buhari government struck with them. Four months after the court order and two years six months since the criminals have been refunding loot, Buhari has stubbornly protected and concealed their identities. I doubt any one of us who campaigned or voted for Buhari ever fathomed this type of Mr Jibrin behavior. But no need to lament. We must all just look towards 2019

On The Assaults By Officials At The Nigerian Embassy In New York, Protests In UK 

And finally on a personal note, I got a whiff of the sorry state of affairs of Nigerians at home this Tuesday when I visited the Nigerian embassy in New York. Not just the fact that passports were never ready on time and when ready, many had typos; but witnessing embassy officials demonstrate their god-complex and insult and then physically molest and assault women simply broke my heart. Nigerians are treated worse than rats by government officials. “Public servants,” I emphasized to them, underscoring the “servants” part. Paid by us to serve us. When three embassy officials pounced on me and beat me up to seize my cellphones I had used to record their atrocities, I assimilated the difficulty for Nigerian journalists like the ones beaten up by the military before the assault on Nnamdi Kanu’s house. I recognized how hard it is for Nigerians back home to fight for their rights and liberation form the almighty owners of Nigeria PLC cabal. But we must fight. I was beaten an went back to the embassy to fight the next day, by which time staff lamented that they had been rebuked and change instituted. If we all fight, we will all win. Fight! Don’t bribe, police or anyone else. Don’t bend. Don’t accept insult. Fight for your right and the rights of the weak, elderly, women and children born and yet unborn. Nigerians are protesting at the same time right now in front of the Nigerian embassy in London. More grease. Fight!

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