Message To Thinking Sunnis: Why Do Trump Who Hates Muslims And Saudi Wahhabis Embrace?


When murderous #ISIS terrorists invaded Iraqi city of Mosul, the Sunnis there celebrated but today ISIS is slaughtering the Sunnis.

#Sunnis should understand that there is no single benefit for supporting #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram. They will deceive you then kill you.

Murderous Wahhabi terrorism is valuable asset of evil Western imperialism & Global #Zionism to kill Muslims & distort the message of #Islam

Why did you see that the #US President @realDonaldTrump who hate #Islam & #Muslim but embraced #Wahhabism & the savage Saudi regime?

Sunni Muslims should #WakeUp & confront the challenge that murderous Wahhabi terrorism is an evil agenda to kill them & destroy #Islam.

Today the Savage Saudi regime is in bed with the biggest enemies of #Islam & Muslims. Saudi Arabia is the ATM machine of #US & #UK regimes.

One of the things arrogant West & their Wahhabi slaves hate & fear most is unity of Muslims. Unity bring strength, division bring weakness.

Any Muslim leader who promote unity of Muslims is targeted by arrogant West & their Wahhabi lackeys. This is why Sheikh Zakzaky is targeted.

Sunni #Muslims should completely reject murderous Wahhabi #terrorism & dislodge the evil infiltration of #Wahhabism to Sunni #Islam.

No decent #Muslim or human will be a puppet of the American savage @realDonaldTrump. An evil barbarian full of hate for #Islam & Muslims.

Today Saudi rulers are puppets of d American savage @realDonaldTrump & they publicly celebrated it recently.Saudi rulers disgrace 2 humanity

It is impossible for the Most Merciful God to send a religion to humanity that is intolerant & bloodthirsty. #Wahhabism is not #Islam.


What God sent to Prophet Muhammad (sa) was not murderous Wahhabism. God sent #Islam that has love, mercy, compassion & tolerance as pillars.

#Ramadan Mubarak 2 all Muslims. We pray that God destroy all manifestations of murderous Wahhabi terrorism & grant victory 2 world oppressed.

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