Microsoft in talks to acquire a 49% stake in ChatGPT owner OpenAI

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ChatGPT is currently one of the most talked-about topics on the internet. The artificial intelligence application is used to respond to questions, write reports, and create software codes. According to a Semafor report, Microsoft Corp is currently discussing the possibility of acquiring OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT. The tech behemoth is willing to pay up to $10 billion for the acquisition.

According to reports, Microsoft’s investment includes an unusual agreement. The organization would receive 75% of OpenAI’s earnings until its initial investment was repaid.

In addition, a structure with OpenAI ownership would be established. Microsoft would own 49 percent of the company, while other investors would own the remaining 49 percent. The remaining 2% is said to go to OpenAI’s non-profit parent company.

The AI firm is currently raising funds at a valuation of $29 billion. Employees and early investors are permitted to sell their shares at the above-mentioned valuation.

OpenAI made its debut as a non-profit dedicated to bringing AI to the masses in a safe and secure manner. However, its business model was modified, and it emerged in 2019 as a hybrid “capped profit” firm. Microsoft invested $1 billion in cash and cloud credits into the company during this time.

By 2024, the ChatGPT owner hopes to generate $1 billion in revenue. As a result, the latest collaboration could be advantageous for Microsoft, given that its counterpart Google has been exploring the AI ecosystem. As a result, increased demand for AI products may propel Microsoft to greater heights.

Microsoft to incorporate ChatGPT into its office suite?
Over the weekend, word spread that Microsoft would be incorporating ChartGPT into its office software suite, which includes Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. The possibility of this inclusion was mentioned in the information.

The platform claims that it can improve the software’s efficiency and productivity. Users will be able to complete tasks much more quickly and accurately. The report went on to say,

“Microsoft has worked on incorporating OpenAI’s language-understanding model, GPT, to provide more useful search results when Outlook email customers search for information in their inboxes. For example, GPT can figure out what emails a customer is looking for even if they don’t type the exact keywords that are in the relevant emails, according to two people with direct knowledge of the plan.”

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