Military: The Beast Upon a Nation, by Ibraheem Waziri

Soldiers who were deployed to Hussainiyah Islamic Center that triggered citizens to block street as they feared an unprovoked assault

No right thinking individual, in a capacity of a public servant or private citizen can openly justify what the Nigerian Army did in Zaria last week. None. Even the Nigerian Army is heard to be toning down its deed by using phrases like “protective custody” and playing the victim, like lodging complaint first at NHRC. The Kaduna State governor Mal. Nasiru Elrufai only mentioned that he was in Zaria after the first incident at Hussainiyya, and around 3pm. He spoke with Zakzaky and the COAS. But he didn’t tell the world how his conversation with Zakzaky ended. It was after then and in the evening that Nigerian Army hit at Hussaniyya and Zakzaky’s private residence.

This is the way of the world. Some call it diplomacy others say it is political correctness. But the truth is no any individual or group at national or international level can secure a legitimate case against Nigerian Army in any court of law and in this regard. I read somewhere, someone talking about ICC and what have you. But believe you me, the law is an a**.

This country is believed to be owned by the Federal Government and managed foremost by it’s agent and symbol of power, integrity and authority, the Nigerian Military. The relationship between this agent and the Nigerian citizens is like that between a father and a child. The father may wish to throw the son out onto the street for it to become a begger and the courts may have little to be able to do about it.

This is supposed to be a common knowledge to Zakzaky and all informed minds about how nations and states work. The philosophy behind them and the extent they use power at will and discretion. This is also why to some of us Zakzaky shares the blame for lives lost.

The Nigerian Army is like a legal armed robber in Nigeria. The citizens should fear it as much as they fear the normal day to day armed robber. They must learn to submit to its demand as a superior power even at maximum inconvenience. The territory belongs to it and it does not tolerate instrangience from any one. As I say earlier there is no justification to the killings, but the military doesn’t reason like we do. As far as it is concerned it is either its way or nothing. Its language is power and it holds a gun. It is suppose to defend the citizens, it is equal to them, but it is still more equal than them. The state and all its philosophy and logic support this position of the military.

We were with Zakzaky in 2014 when the same institution attacked and killed his followers and his children. We are with him now. But we wish to take time out and point to him how he got certain things wrong this time around.

Instead of concentrating on his loses the other time when the casualties were 34 lives, this time the loss is unofficially said to be over a thousand. What Zakzaky could have done to avert this loss?

In July 2014 the action of the military was so fast and did not give Zakzaky a chance to call his followers to order. This time around there was much space that could have benefited from his intervention. A word from him could have helped averted the tragedy. What did Zakzaky do in this regard?

There was a space of 10 hours within which the military took the life of over 1000 lives as alleged. Where was Zakzaky and what did he do?

There is no sane person who can defend the action of the military that day. But the military is never known to be our friend anytime. He is a licensed armed robber as far as Nigeria is concerned. We should fear it as much as we fear the non-licensed armed robber. There is no logic whatsoever in denying an armed robber his wish when doing such can save ones life. When not doing that will come with not so commensurate consequences that nobody can help one adress later nationally and internationally.