The Trigger Happy and The Massacre Of The Innocent, by Alhassan Haruna

Humaid Zakzaky: one of the sons Zeenat watched killed in cold blood

Featured Image; Hamid El-Zakzaky, 13 Year old son of Sheikh killed


by Alhassan Haruna

Everyday I return home, I am usually welcomed by my three kids. The last born was a boy of 2 years old, he is usually agile, a champion, he wrestled his 2 other senior sisters who always would want to exert authority. He challenge even the mother by not responding to her commands, he responded only to my instructions and cried instead of to act whenever such instructions are relayed harshly.

These children, we played gymnastics on the bed together, “Daddy” they always shout, and i usually meet them at home waiting for me to come back and eat dinner together.

I have since swore to myself that, I would rather die than to allow any of them to get hurt by some trigger happy and massacre agent who are only available for death to arrive. The above analogy is meant to compass your thoughts on how possible could it be to allow your children to be to hurt by some individuals who only obey orders before thinking.

Today we have here an individual who was stripped of his rights, abducted and possibly shot at. His children were all killed by Nigerian army even before he became the monster they thought he will became. Without raising a gun or firing a single shoot, Ibrahim El-Zakzaki the leader of islamic movement in Nigeria have lost almost five children, not to mention great number of his students and subordinates, to some unfortunate supremacy war between the two organizations.

Three sons killed
Three sons killed

I cannot imaging, if it were to happen to anyone of us, how would we feel?, how would i feel? considering that i have lost that my boy, and my girls to some massacre agent who would not consider consequences or the heavy burden of human live in principles of God’s sanctity of human lives, ‘kill an innocent soul, is like you killed all humans’ and all races.

Today while practicing democracy, Government of the people, some innocent soul are grieving the pain of losing loved one’s, many are innocent, to some trigger regiment who only perpetuite power and authority.

I cant imaging how this individual feel now, but the wisdom in him will surely guide him, some adherents of other rival movements said he Is not a Muslim, but i grieves with him, since he once said ‘Laila Haillallah’. I will grieve with any innocent Christian who is treated unjustly, i will surely cry together with him if they kill any of his relations, I will cry above my voice if his children were killed unjustly. It doesn’t matter your religious designation, if you are innocent, then, you are innocent.

We may lack informations  available  to authorities, but what ever it is, we should lament on lives lost, forever they are gone. That is why violence is not usually the way out when it comes to conflicts resolution, we have to employ patience. The most succeeding and cunning act the Shi’a adherents should have employed to win at that time, is to allow the convoy to pass, with this single act, they would have won, this is because, nobody can stop and block the convoy of chief of army staff and go Scot free, no is not possible, please remember what Abacha did in Lagos, but for the Zaria episode, for just allowing the convoy pass they would have gone Scot free for a time.

Lives have been lost, lets stop it there.

Comrade,Alhassan Haruna Danbatta.
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