Mischief makers Spread Old Video of ‘Thieves’ Mob Lynched as “Hausa Lynching in Ile-Ife” #FakeNews

Shafi'u Musa


The mischief makers are here again. A certain Shafi’u Musa who resides in Katsina state, on March 11th uploaded a video of some suspected thieves being mob lynched in Lagos. In the video at 1.45 minutes a lady asks, “wetin them do?” to which one in the mob responds, “them be thief.” Earlier a mom criminal had said, “you will not steal in your afterlife.”

Shafi'u Musa
Shafi’u Musa

However with the video, the mischievous or misled Shafi’u Musa described it as “what was happening to Hausa and Muslims in Ile Ife.” The video had over 40,000 views as at the time of this report. Nigerians should beware of this FakeNews mischief.

A second video the suspect Shafi’u Musa  uploaded had images of violence gathered from all over the internet with a voice-over describing it as the Ile-Ife scene. Again, Nigerians need to seriously beware of these mischief makers.

Danger on the www

Recently also the Punch and theCable were found to have been misled by FakeNews published in Nigerian Bulletin claiming that a Zakzaky follower feinted when Buhari returned to Nigeria. NewsRescue exposed that that story was actually using the trimmed image of a Muslim killed by Nigerian security members among 100 massacred last year October in a Katsina pogrom during Ashura commemoration.

Image used in FakeNews story spread by NigerianBulletin, theCable and Punch
Full of trimmed image used in FakeNews “fainting”  story spread by NigerianBulletin, theCable and Punch