Monkey Business: The Move To Sell Nigeria’s Refineries [VIDEO]


So after my last video inn which I came down hard on the Buhari, Osinbajo government for their plans to sell Nigeria’s refineries. I was asked how I will govern differently.

And that’s what I am gonna breakdown right now:

I pointed out that Acting president Osinabjo made a false claim: that governments could not run refineries. This is boloney!

Our administrators lie to push their agenda.

I am currently circulating three examples that prove that what Osinbajo was actually saying was, his government cannot run the refineries and not that “governments globally do not run refineries.”

In the headlines this May, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company, Aramco just took over 100% control of America’s largest refinery, based out of Texas.

Contrary to Osinbajo’s falsehood, Saudi government does not only run its refineries but also America’s largest refinery.

The second example I am circulating is that of Russia, where Rosneft, the nation’s largest extraction and refinement company is majority government owned. It is the 51st largest company in the world.

The third example is China’s PetroChina. #3 in Fortune Global 300!! China’s government owned CNPC owns 86.71% share capital of the nation’s largest, massive oil refinery company, PetroChina.

So we first appreciate that when Nigerian leaders talk, they lie. They lie to promote their agenda and excuse their incompetence.

Governments run refineries. Human beings run refineries; only monkeys cannot run refineries. By accepting that they cannot run refineries, Buhari and Osinbajo are inadvertently suggesting that they are monkeys.

While Nigeria was able to setup these very refineries back in the day, something has happened that has made it now impossible for the same Buhari who set many of them up in the 80s to run them.

So let me break that down.

The denominator that makes it impossible for Buhari and Osinbajo to run the refineries is not that Nigerians have become retards over the years. No, it is the rise of the cabal. Nigeria PLC. The saboteurs.

There have been tree objectives of the cabal-cum-government conspiracies to sabotage the refineries:

1. During the fake fuel subsidy era, they sabotaged them to keep raking in billions in subsidy renumeration.

2. As Dangote builds his refinery, they sabotage the refineries to kill government competition and drive up his shares value. Dangote cannot handle competition and the government always pampers him. We see how Dangote is given FOREX subsidy as Reuters might reported, to the tune of $100 million in only 3 months…that’s about half a billion dollars Buhari would have dashed Dangote in just the span of a year. We witnessed how they gifted all our cement assets to him and how he worked the government to shut down all his competition finally ending up with Nigerians paying double the world average cement price as his way of saying thank you ($10/bag compared to the world average of $5/50kg bag). The only person who was able to handle Dangote was late Yar’Adua of esteemed memory. He reversed the sale of the refineries to him and fought him on cement prices. Till he died suspiciously.

3. The third reason for the cabal-government sabotage is: because the cabal wish to buy the refineries. So it must not work and look like rubbish for the public to agree to fling it.

So if and when we youth and human beings take over power, we will run the refineries because as my revolution campaign slogan goes, we will #KillGoliath.

For Nigeria to move forward, we must Kill Goliath; we must drive Nigeria PLC to jail or self exile. I am determined to fight the cabal till my last breath They are scared of me. We can never move forward as a nation so long as they rule and they sponsor both parties, PDP and APC. You can see the Buhari government putting them in all boards especially as 2019 approaches. This is who we will fight to win and who we will get rid of in 2019.

Now, finally, on the rare impossibility that we can not run the refineries, we should rather create public companies to run them. Not like Transcorp that Obasanjo used to gift our assets to Elumelu primarily. I am talking about a company where lets say 1 million Nigerians buy shares of N20,000 each to raise N20 billion…this will be used to buy a piece of the refineries while the government maintains over 50%…as the UAE does with its assets, refineries, Emirates, Etisalat, etc… There should be a cap on shares purchasable by a single individual to block the cabal from assuming another monopoly. In this case where the refinery exploits, the masses will laugh to the bank for it as equal shareholders. This is how the privatization of big oil in the USA is: The cabal only own 3% of Big oil. 59 million American households own the majority via retirement and pension savings.

Unless we defeat the cabal at the polls, Nigeria will follow the path of the French revolution and the American Trade unions’ fight that broke the Robber Barons’ hegemony. And it may be bloody.

Someone tweeted at me that insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result..and that this is why we should sell. I said, sell to whose benefit? the cabal? To exploit us? How does that benefit us? The insanity is monkeys occupying the leadership seat…monkeys trying to drive a car…the answer is not to sell the car but to get the monkeys out of there and we humans take the wheel.

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian;