Nigeria Is Divided: Humpty Dumpty Is Sitting On The Wall!


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however the tides portend calamity in the next few months if serious care is not taken.

In the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme, when Humpty the egg fell off the wall, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. This is why it is of utter importance and emergency that we prevent Humpty who is wobbling dangerously on the fence from crashing to the ground.

There is a fervor like never before in the north as there has been in the east. There is a tide of ethnic and regional pride and clamor for self determination among the youth; a gathering storm…or perhaps better put, a Tsunami.

After a viral news headline in the NewsRescue editorial of a benevolent Igbo trader in Kano who brought 30 Almajiri ‘abandoned’ kids and lined them up for a tailor to sew Sallah clothes for them, expecting to see comments of love and embrace, I was stunned to read the opposite. [Url:]

Love is lost.

A good majority of the northern names commenting jested at the gesture, saying “it is too late, October 1st is unshakeable.” They were as resolved on October 1st as Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has been on the insolubility of Nigeria. And the Igbo names were no nicer.

Here are some of the northern comments:

Zaharaddeen Aleeyou Process Jikamshi: He’s just wasting his meaningless time and useless money for nothing, cox we can’t be bribed by him and his co. To withdraw our statement incase if they dont know…..eheee!!! By our words we stand october 1st indeed

Abba Yunus Aminu: Well he did a very good thing but its just that the timing was wrong, why didn’t he did it last sallah? As you can see the igbos have started realising the great mistake they want to bring for them. You can’t do well without us, we need you as well. But the issue of the notice is to help your dream come true, i.e to build your biafara republic.

Alhaji Yusuf Muhammad Lawal: That’s bribery and corruption. He should be arrested. Why don’t he do these all this years? Simply they have given quite notice they want to start bribed us. Anyway after all it’s our money they should collect it from them. No thank you oooh! That will still not stop them from leaving.

Ahmad Haruna Muhammad: A cheap means of public relations? When your notice expires, they ‘ll be the ones to send you packing back to Biafra

Bala Bashir: fuck,,,. useless gesture. Igbo must leave north. after all, how many baby factories did DANGOTE employed in his firms? Igbo get out of north.

Faisal Muhammed Funtua: Hahahaha igbo have start afraid for us. You are just wasting your time, what you mean for this gift? This express that the igbo have start begging in order to leave them to survive in our land north. U gonna afraid for wahala in your nonsense place south. You must to leave our land. #igbomustgo

Shaib Yaro: Newsrescuebiafra, how will the scam tailor met up, sunday will be sallah in’sha’allah.. Mind u that will not stop u nt to pack to ur villages come Oct,1.

Barau Aminu: They still must go back to where they came from,that eye service and bribery gesture will not help things out,it is too late because we are pushed to the wall so we are ready for what ever.Not only almajiris are moving around half naked,he should take the clothes nd share it to his brothers because they are all in need of it. Idiot

In all honesty, I hope they are joking. This is quite serious!

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has read the signs correctly, I give him that. He has focused on marathon meetings to try to intimate all politicians and elders of thought to quell the rising storm. But I dare say, Humpty is shaking dangerously. And then, Yemi Osinbajo believes in the old goons and has thus far failed to recognize and respect the will and power of Nigeria’s new superior force: the youth who he has not yet met. And that’s if his meeting them can even make a difference.

Northern Sheikh Gumi had begged both Buhari and Jonathan not to contest in 2015. Gumi had described them both as extremely polarizing figures. It is clear Gumi had foresight.

I am not confident soft-spoken Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has the electricity to communicate with the youth and talk them out of this. Perhaps some of us can, but not he. I also disagree with the approach of threatening and intimidating Nigerians to forget the raging quest for self-determination. While I totally reject any forced or promoted messages of evacuation, being a person who believes any human can live where they choose on the planet, I agree with the quest and right for self-determination of the great regions Nigeria is composed of. You can draw the lines, but no one should be sent packing.

My Petition for True Federalism which has gathered about 300 signatures reveals a strong desire north, south, east and west for the restoration of Nigeria to its founding regionalized structure. It would be wise the politicians and cabal who are too scared of this due to their investments on both sides of the Niger, listen to the wishes of the people before it is too late. [Petition url:]

Referenda and meetings to consider restructuring Nigeria in my view are the way to go to attempt to keep Nigeria one. If I was president, this is what I would be doing right now. Ignoring the reality is not the way to go. Buratai cannot kill and secretly mass bury so many.

We can yet make scrambled eggs of Humpty Dumpty. Else, he will be a mixture of sand, yolk and shell.

We pray. May no innocent life be lost.

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian;