Saudi and co’s Mad List To Qatar With 10 Day Deadline: Pay Us Billions, Close Turkey’s Base, Agree Monthly Review…

1. Close down AlJazeera and all its affiliates, also Arabi21 and Middle East Eye

2. Pay us billions in compensation

3. Stop accommodating controversial leaders

4. Don’t naturalize citizens from our four countries and expel those currently in Qatar.

5. Hand over all individuals who are wanted by those four countries for terrorism;

6. Give us details of all opposition figures you have sponsored in our countries.

7. Align politically, economically and otherwise with the Gulf Cooperation Council which is geared at countering Iran.

8. Shut down diplomatic posts in Iran and kick out any members of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard. Only conduct trade and commerce with Iran that complies with U.S. sanctions.

9. Sever all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

10. Cut all ties with Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, others.

11. Agree for monthly review for first year, quarterly for next and annualy thereafter

12. Stop funding any extremist entities designated as terrorist groups by the U.S.

13. Close Turkey military base