Mr Sambo Dasuki – The General Elections Imposter, by Dr. Idris Ahmed

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  • Nigerians love going to the UK to disgrace themselves to the global audience


by Dr. Idris Ahmed

Wonders shall never end they say. I will never understand why failed Nigerian politicians, dictators, tyrants, and saboteurs find it plausible to always come to London to expose their ignorance and stupidity to global audience.  Listen folks, London is a trap for criminals! While one group may be according you a red carpet welcome, other groups are actually monitoring your movements, and immaculately recording every damn irresponsible utterances that you make, which eventually gets used against you in a Court of law.

Yesterday (22/01/2015),  it was the turn of a guy called Mr. Sambo Datsuki, to make a fool of himself. He showed up at the world famous Chatam House here in London,  to tell a jam-packed audience that Nigeria should delay next month’s general elections by a whopping 3 months! According to Mr. Dasuki, there are 68 million registered voters, but  only 30 million have received their PVC. Whose fault is it Mr. Dasuki?! Besides the barrage of lies that he told his audience, Mr. Dasuki claimed to have passed this message to the Chairman of INEC, who immediately denied knowledge of such correspondence with Mr. Dasuki.

As you all know, Mr. Dasuki is supposedly the National Security Adviser (NSA) to Jonathan. Under his watchful eyes, the worst massacre in Nigeria in a single day happened in Baga on 03/01/2015, when over 2,000 Nigerians were slaughtered to death by Boko Haram terror barbarians. In total over 100,000 of Nigerians have been killed by the Haramites since 2009. United Nations estimated that over 2 million Nigerians are currently living under Boko Haram occupied territories in Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Gombe, and Bauchi states. Similar number of Nigerians are living as internally displaced people (IDPs) in their ancestral land. Nigeria now has the dubious honour of being the country with the largest refugees in the world!

With this calamitous record that guarantees you and your master, Jonathan, one way tickets to the ICC, who do you think you were fooling yesterday at Chatam House Mr. Sambo Dasuki?  You are a manifestly failed national security adviser. You have so much human blood in your hands! You are a total disgrace to your ancestry of Usman Dan Fodio, a total disgrace to Nigeria, and total disgrace to the Black race. You are in no position whatsoever to tell Nigerians when to conduct, and when not to conduct their general elections. Just bloody shut up! And wait for your fate at the hands of the ICC.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.