Muhammadu Buhari Looks Like A Skeleton, Olusegun Obasanjo Wants To Go to Heaven And Many Nigerians Are Insane, By Ij Onuigbo

By Ij Onuigbo,

Stop all the charade people.  We are not blind nor stupid.  It is very obvious that President Buhari is very sick.  Any person with a keen eye could see that it is only a thin skin covering his bones in spite of the paddings he had under his caftan in the video released on the 12th of August.  Just look at his hands and face and you will see what I am saying.  God will punish the cabal who will not allow this man to resign, get well and enjoy the rest of his days in peace with his family and grandchildren.  Why are you people so drunk with power that you will keep pulling and pushing a sick man just to hold on to power while Nigerian people are suffering and dying?

You people are busy playing politics with the lives of close to 200 million people which Nigeria is made up of and it is not a new thing because you have done it among the very few of you since 1960 when Nigeria became independent from British rule.  The heavens will apportion each of you wicked people with worse than you are doing to Nigerians.  I know this because it is the law of karma and God who created all things is a God of Justice.  You cannot play with the lives of people and not pay for it.  It is time to desist.  More Nigerians are awake now and there is no more going back or getting fooled.

The overwhelming majority of Nigerians are sick and tired of gross mismanagement of resources and dysfunctional parastatals and lack of infrastructure and they are on the streets protesting for a change in direction, something that has never been done and you bad leaders are busy playing party politics with purposeful contempt towards the people agitating for better lives.  What do you all think you are doing?  You are not listening to the people that put you in your positions to serve them, you are shutting them up and serving yourselves.

It is looking like all the cry from voices of reason fall on deaf ears as you all are bent on driving Nigeria forward to crash.  Nigeria is bankrupt but you keep borrowing to pay yourselves.  You as leaders should be able to work without salaries until things get better because you have taken enough already as it is.  We the people are calling and shouting to you to listen to the cries and voices of the people.  The power and resources you are accumulating to yourselves will mean nothing once you are dead, but how you serve and treat the people is what will mean something after you are dead.  Do you understand?

And that brings me to President Olusegun Obasanjo’s statement about wanting to go to heaven when Jesus Christ comes back.  With all due respects Baba Iyabo, you among other past leaders like Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB), Sani Abacha et all committed great atrocities upon the Nigerian people and it is funny that no one mentions your names anymore while other set of looters are the ones being gone after by EFCC.  How fair is that?  You all perpetrated unfathomable amount of corruption, embezzlement and caused the deaths of innocent people under your leadership.  Today, large numbers of Nigerians live next to you past leaders in abject poverty while you drive by, look at them and pretend that they don’t need an upgraded life from the slums them dwell in.  No, your ilk will not be going to heaven unless you do 180 degrees from your current behaviors.

If you want to go to heaven Baba Iyabo, you need to start by addressing the current issues going on right now in Nigeria and you can invite IBB to join you in that task.  The young people are agitating and protesting to be released from dysfunctional leadership that has done nothing but plunge the country into a continuous journey of pain and suffering.  You need to come out, speak on their behalf and begin to champion the cause for a referendum and restructure of Nigeria to a true federalism by which the future of the young generation that has been and still being grossly indebted can begin to be salvaged by a new start and reform in governing and leadership.  Don’t tell us that you are not in a position to do this because we know that you still have a lot of clout in Nigeria politics if not one of the cabals controlling the destiny of Nigerians.

Then I get very perturbed by Nigerians who are obviously poor but keep crying one Nigerian one Nigerian while they are still suffering.  They are the ones that get continuously brainwashed by Nigerian politician with fake patriotism to their own demise.  I truly think that these bunch are insane because they are satisfied with status quo even though they suffer.  These bunches are aggressively antagonistic to fellow Nigerians who are fighting for freedom.  They keep on with rhetoric’s of fear and war mongering against the freedom fighters and keep on defending the evil politicians that have not done anything to make their lives better.  I call them insane because as Albert Einstein said, Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.  Everything being done in Nigerian have been done the same exact way for 57 years now and what is the result?  Hunger, Poverty, Hate, and retrogression.

How long do you want to keep doing the same things and expect that anything will change, how long do you want your children to be on strike from school because teachers were not paid salaries, how long do you want your parents and grandparents to not receive their salaries and pensions because one politician put the money in his or her pocket, how long do you want to keep sweating in hot heat because NEPA will not give you permanent electric supply even though trillions in Naira had been spent for that purpose, how long do you want your friends and relative to be dying on bad roads, dying at the hands of armed robbers and kidnappers who went into such professions because of lack of employment, how long do you want to be looked at as a criminal because you are a Nigerian due to the fact that Nigerians illegally migrate to other countries to escape hunger in Nigerian and they have to commit criminal acts in those countries since they don’t have papers to work?

And oh by the way, how long do you want to see your loved ones dying because there are no good hospitals in the country to treat them and the hospitals available will not treat you until you pay even when you don’t have the money, all while your politician gods are spending your money in foreign hospitals getting first class treatment, your president is a prime example right now, how long do you want your graduates to come out of school and have no job to work, how long do you want your politicians to treat you like servants when they should be serving you, how long do you want the politicians to keep stealing without accountability, how long do you want the police and the Army to be killing you when they are supposed to protect you?  I could go on with the questions because there are so many ills in this country Nigeria.

Please tell, for how many more years do you want the politicians to continue to rape your collective resources and treat all Nigerians like stupid people before you grow the balls to stand up and join the peaceful protest and before you expect them to develop Nigeria to be and function like the western world where those politician gods of yours go to enjoy the sums of money they steal from your collective pockets?  WAKE UP FROM THE EVIL SPELL OF DOCILITY AND LAZINESS CAST ON YOU and realize that you can be much better than you are now; THEN join the peaceful protest and agitation and create a new structure for yourselves which will sustain the younger generations you brought to this earth.

Finally, some of you have said things like, wouldn’t it be the same corrupt people that will be leading in those regions if Nigeria breaks up, and why won’t the agitators focus on their state politicians instead of seeking for the breakup of Nigerian.  And my answer is that the state leaders are under the Nigerian structure so it would be a waste of time since they still answer to Nigeria.  But when broken up, there will be a smaller government with easier focused accountability plus tribes will no longer protect people stealing.  Also, the same corrupt people will not be holding office and if they did, they would be made more accountable to the people.  There will be zero tolerance for corruption.  And there would be laws and law enforcement will be ethical.  PLEASE STOP THE WAR AND FEAR MONGERING.  PEACEFUL PROTEST FOR A REFERENDUM IS NOT A CALL FOR WAR.  You are the ones inciting war when you antagonize the peaceful protesters for wanting freedom.  STOP IT NOW.


Ij Onuigbo

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