‘Second Avengers, Biafra Avengers #2’ Threatens Buhari, Daughter, Others In New Video [Watch]


In a 9-minute video released on FaceBook, an alleged member of “Niger Delta Avengers” 2, a certain Chinedum speaking with a Biafran flag on his background, threatened Nigeria’s President.

Introducing his speech with “Good day to lovers of freedom and bad day to Nigerians,” the speaker clad in military camouflage and sun glasses threatened President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Zahra who schools in the United Kingdom.

“Buhari will know what it feels like to lose a loved one,” the speaker said, demanding as a singular condition the urgent release of Nnamdi Nwanneka Onwu-Kanu, the leader of the IPOB separatist movement who has been detained since October of 2015 when he was arrested in Lagos, Nigeria.

The speaker an “Urhobo”, “Chinedum Ogheneochukome Payanther, on FaceBook, who purported to speak from the #2 terror organisation in Orogun, Delta state, said his group has links with the Niger Delta Avengers while threatening to burn Nigeria down.

The video was released on the 7th of July.

Chinedum on FaceBook
Chinedum on FaceBook

“Buhari, withdraw your armies form Biafra-land. We are blowing our pipelines and you are after us, but we do not want to kill any human being but if you force us to then we will send some missiles to Aso Rock. As they call it, dynamite can destroy a rock. Release Nnamdi Kanu now. If you want any negotiations. Otherwise there is no going back, no negotiations. Biafra must stand.

“Leave Biafrans alone. Enough is enough as we have been patient for a very long time now. And remember, we will do anything to restore Biafra. We told you, when we start we will not stop. More groups are coming. Buhari you have not seen anything yet. The worst is coming to your family if you fail to release our director, Nnamdi Kanu. We have links with Niger Delta Avengers but don’t call them Niger Delta Avengers like you epople do call them because you don’t have brains. Stupid people, idiot. Nigeria will burn to aches ‘sic’, you people have not seen anything yet, this is just the beginning. We have many people living in the north…you killed them and those who were able to escape came back to Biafra-land and you came meeting us in Biafra-land to kill more people. You have not seen anything yet. Buhari, if you don’t release Nnamdi Kanu you are finished.”


Chinedum on FaceBook
Chinedum on FaceBook

The speaker threatened Aso rock, Rochas Okorocha among other sites and persons, while saying that he has no father and mother and no problem with dying.

The speaker also declared Biafra-land a no fly zone, threatening to bring any plane down with their “missiles.”

The video was sent to NewsRescue by an unverified publicist of IPOB who has passed many releases from the group to our media organisation.