Why Should Nigeria Wait Till 2015 For Change? We Cannot Afford To!

I have a few reasons why I don’t need to wait a day longer…
  • Abba Moro is still a free man after killing young Nigerians with his scam employment project, in fact he’s still a minister, receiving wages and supposedly representing Us in his own way
  • Okonjo-Iweala is still the Finance/Coordinating minister even though all she’s got are perfect excuses for the trillions and quadrillions of Naira that had disappeared from the coffers of Nigeria under her watch
  • Dieziani and NNPC are still paying themselves subsidy in billions of dollars on products that were neither purchased nor sold, the over $40bn is still unaccounted for, she still flies those private jets and even got an injunction to stop her from being investigated #WhereIsOurMoney
  • America is gradually establishing AFRICOM in Nigeria under the pretense of rescue operation, we still have nothing to show for their presence here
  • My younger sisters from Chibok and those kidnapped before them are still missing and the only song we’ve heard from the presidential camp is “Dairis God oo!” and nothing more. #BringBackOurGirls
  • The bombs are still exploding, the polity of this nation still hanging on the shoulder of a weakling from Otueke while PDP plunders the resources of the nation.

why wait babaolowo

The picture above speaks my mind without reserve, it’s a proof that we don’t have to wait till 2015 to change Nigeria. I can still remember what went down on March 10, 2010 when hundreds of Nigerians gathered in Abuja on a Wednesday (a working day), under the umbrella of “Save Nigeria Group” for a march to demand the appearance of ailing leader  President Umaru Musa Yar`Adua, or his immediate impeachment of on grounds of permanent incapacitation and immediate transfer of full presidential powers to Acting President Goodluck  Ebele Jonathan and also the invocation of Section 144 of the Constitution so that presidential powers will be fully accountable, plus the immediate dissolution of the Executive Council of the Federation (EXCOF) which is alleged to have collaborated with presidential aides to foist the unhealthy lies about Yar’Adua’s health on the nation as well as a quick and thorough implementation of the Justice Lawal Uwais Report on electoral reform. That rally produced at least two of the results we hoped for. GEJ became the acting president and the EXCOF was automatically dissolved. So why didn’t we just wait then till 2011 for the next elections before demanding change like we are being advised now by APC, PDP and their cronies to chill till 2015? Why did the ordinary and powerful Nigerians stand up together to demand the implementation of the constitution without fear of favour instead of waiting for Yar’Adua’s tenure to elapse, or simmer until he’s officially pronounced dead? I keep asking myself this question, and I wonder why we are still waiting.

It is only a demonic people, sent to earth from the pit of hell that will tell the world and Nigerians to wait till 2015 before Nigeria is saved from corruption, insecurity, disregard for human lives and the pain of terrorism that has become the daily bread of Nigerians in the hands this sardonic GEJ led administration and the PDP cabal. I am beginning to be more sure that the dangers we experience in is the work of GEJ and his ilk and I am seeing wisdom in the words of the demonic late Abacha when he said “If insurgency lasts for more than 24hours, the government has a hand in it…”  I bet there are more demons in PDP than APC and even a greater demon in us all if all we want to do is wait for the next election before we wield the wand of change.

I can still hear the voice of late Dora Akunyili in my head, the interview she granted when Yar’Adua was smuggled into the country and even the GEJ demon we now worship; as the acting president was denied access to his boss. Dora came out on national TV to decry the situation, even though she was a minister serving in the cabinet of Yar’Adua, she stood out, demanding that every Nigerian be allowed access to the truth but GEJ along with other PDP faithful were quiet, a  bunch of sapless, clueless, self subservient, selfish individuals, only interested in power and looting, calmly waiting for the cadaver of the already late president to be revealed so they can take the reins. If we wielded  our wand of change for this animals in human skin then, we can unite again and stand against whatever we want to change. We stood together as Nigerians to install GEJ as the president of Nigeria in 2010 which led to his becoming elected being the incumbent in 2011, then we can stand united to demand the change… only then do we become the change ourselves.

I am livid we are resorting to fate, waiting for the 2015 election to fan in the wind of change. Our girls are still missing, what will be left of us by 2015, how many eligible voters will be left alive if over 12000 of us have been butchered by the insurgent as reported by president himself and the killing hasn’t stopped for a minute. I guess we think it’s ok die by the hundreds until while the politicking continues, will it ever stop? When will Nigerians like you and me rise up from behind our computers to say #EnoughIsEnough with all sincerity and purpose. It is cool to organize ourselves via the internet, but dreaming it will change anything is only a dream, we must get off our asses and birth the change. Our online screaming of #BringBackOurGirls has brought nothing back, it will only be a news and none of our sisters will ever return, we will be mere toothless dogs and our demands will neither stand on a foot nor hold a breath of air. The whole world has been screaming #BringBackOurGirls since April but not even a scarf or hijab has been returned to the wailing mothers and mourning fathers; dead or alive and still we continue. I am sure I am done with this our cry of insanity; I am ready to enroll in the army if that will bring something home from the shrubs called Sambisa forest.

What GEJ and his cohorts have done visibly so far is “see everything as an attack on his administration and the Ijaw clan”, he declares a state of emergency, and blame everything else on the opposition even though it’s obvious he has failed to stand and charge. When the first bomb under his administration went off on Oct 1st, 2010, MEND claimed responsibility but GEJ was quick to defend his kinsmen.

It is erroneous to think that my people who have been agitating for good living will deliberately blow up the opportunity they have now”-Jonathan.

He described the incident as a terrorist attack from the north, designed to falter his presidential candidacy then but now we know better. He’s  been president for four bad years and he’s still pointing fingers at the north and opposition without doing any sensible thing about it. Are we going to just sit down and continue to hope he will get lucky again like he’s been throughout his political career or we are going to stand up and change Nigeria by shooing him away?

We can save Nigeria. The reported success story of the ORDINARY people of Kala-bage local government against BH has started the process already, they repelled BH attack and killed over 200 of them in an irate reaction to BH reign of terror – Read more by clicking here >> We must stand up to this politicized reign of terror and demand the Nigeria of our dream by our action.

It is time to get on your feet Nigeria! PDP via GEJ has proven beyond reasonable and unreasonable doubt that they without ideas on how to lead, rule or govern and it is time for them to GO! I know there must be a place in the constitution that gives the people the power to tell the president “it’s time to go” since we are the ones that elected him into office. Our Yes Men  are allies, they represent party interest instead of the people; oblivious of the present innate and near comatose ability of GEJ and the crippled state of the nation. I know the provision of the constitution and I believe the president as contravened the provisions of Chapter VI, Section 143, Sub-section 2b more than enough to have him thrown in the sewer, but the congress as proven to be a gathering of baboons and not men.

It is time for GEJ to return to Otueke because he’s not a man of mettle, he’s not worthy of the title “President” by my own standard or the standard of the sane and insane world. Today I cast my vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” on the leadership of Nigeria’s Military, GEJ and his ilk. I am not a coward, I will gladly join the army, go arms way to fight a common enemy, but not under the command of a man that is waiting for God to come help him pull the trigger even after he’s been handed an assault rifle for the war. Today again, I declare as a general in the army of the people to fight and restore the glory of my Nigeria, to bring back my sisters and trade in GEJ for all I care. Now is the time to act, not at the polls or tomorrow or next or else this destruction will come upon us like a plague, leaving us nothing but the hymn of regret. Why wait till 2015 to come out en masse to vote when we can come out en masse to change our country for good.

Posted by  on June 18th, 2014