Nigerian Army Says Boko Haram To Attack The Poor In Lagos, Others, Not To Attack Senate, Wealthy

General Adeniyi Oyepdae, Left, to be expended as the sacrificial lamb


The Nigerian military has alleged a plot by Boko Haram to attack poor people including poor people schools, markets, prisons and police stations in Lagos, Imo, Abuja, Kano, Kebbi and other states.

“As usual, the actionable intelligence revealed plan by Boko Haram does not include attacking easy to reach assets of Nigeria’s wealthy like the Army chief’s snake farm, the Budget padding senate office, and corrupt wealthy men and cabal assets of Nigeria’s most wealthy carrier politician crooks right in Adamawa and Borno,” a Nigerian commented.

“Through 6 years of Boko Haram terror, the group has only targeted the poor, police and soldiers. It has avoided assets of the wealth and crooked government officials. The group enjoys wiping out villages of poor farmers but never even once sent rocket propelled grenades towards Borno Government house, or the wealthy and government officials in Borno, Abuja and elsewhere.” This has made analysts comment that Boko Haram is a conspiracy by the same political top officials of both parties against the poor. The group, analysts say, is paid by these cabal and government officials to wreck havoc on the poor and distract them.


The document (AHQ DATOPS/G3/240/225/3), marked “Secret”, was signed by Colonel B. Suleiman on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff.  Dated 5 August 2016 and distributed to the headquarters of 1 and 2 Division of the Army, the document said the Army Headquarters is in possession of information that strongly points to a wave of Boko Haram attacks in the aforementioned locations and other parts of the country.

“The targeted areas include, but not limited to police stations, prison facilities, schools, and market places. Details show that the terrorist group intends to target police stations/formations in Abuja, Kano, Kebbi and Sokoto states, while prison facilities will be attacked in Adamawa State,” it stated.

Boko Haram, added the document, has already sent foot soldiers to prepare for attacks on marketplaces in Bauchi, Katsina and Imo states. It similarly listed schools, which are currently being re-opened in Borno and Yobe states as places where the terrorists intend to cause large-scale destruction.

“In view of the above, I am directed to inform you of the imminent threat and respectfully request that you take all necessary proactive measures to prevent BHTs (Boko Haram Terrorists) from carrying out these heinous acts. Please, treat as very urgent and acknowledge,” the document stated.

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