Nigerian Man Begins Hunger-Strike Over Failed Buhari Promises, Dashed Hopes







30TH January-06th February, 2017

 Venue: Kaduna-Nigeria


Uncountable negative criticisms were either truly enumerated or deceptively manufactured and amplified to Nigerian in the build up to the general election at various places and fora, solely aimed at projecting the previous administration as terminally incapacitated and abysmally handicapped, or too incompetent to solving Nigeria’s myriads of problems and bottlenecks which are either advertently created or unpatriotically allowed to fester and obstruct the countries match to progress and advancement in all facets of human existence too numerous to mention!

Life today in Nigeria is evidently not dissimilar to the Hobesian State of nature in which “life is too nasty, brutish, boring and short.” Otherwise, how should one explain the hapless, hopeless and precarious living condition being suffered by unsuspecting Nigerians in which irking out a living is a herculean task and access to most basic necessities of life – food, clothing and accommodation – are nothing but unachievable! Over One Hundred Millions able – bodied Nigerians are wallowing in abject condition below poverty line, majority of the youth population, which in saner climes are the hope and future of their respective countries; but to everybody’s utter dismay, Nigerian youth are randomly criss – crossing the nation’s length and breadth in search of virtually nonexistent job opportunities. Inexplicable poverty, redundancy, shattered dreams and aspirations are the persistently recurring words when one attempts to define the anomalous society we call a nation.

Hyperinflation is strangulating our people, starvation is prematurely snuffing life out of our people, deprivation and hopelessness is stagnating our youth progress from achieving the perennial slogan of “leaders of tomorrow.” Political hypocrisy and presence of selfish greed and unpatriotism fuelled by insatiable and bottomless stomach, had combined to cause perpetual indirection and leadership bewilderment! Truly this country is sickly in comatose, and the only diagnosis and treatment it is yearning for, are detribalize leadership, absolute patriotism, sincerity and honesty of purpose and entrenchment of general meritocracy blurred by ethnicity, regionalism, artificial religiosity and rampant suspicion.

Nigerians were at the last electioneering campaigns, promised total security of lives and properties, better economy and employment amongst others, only for them to witness souring poverty and hunger, damaging hyper – inflation and general uncertainty, a leadership too resistant to constructive criticisms and intellectual advices, leaders that support only their family and friends with the less privileged impliedly sentenced to death through penury, illiteracy, hunger and anger with absolutely zero development opportunities!

BUT NOBODY CARES!!!                                      



  1. Fuel price hiked amidst crunching economy and popular illiquidity of the masses; this was against the much touted and trumpeted fuel price reduction promised Nigerians during the last electioneering campaigns. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  2. The promised single – digit inflation was suddenly replaced by damaging hyper – inflation evidenced by general astronomical and sky – rocketed commodity prices beyond the reach of ordinary Nigerian. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  3. Affront, total disregard and disobedience to the rule of law with impunity, thereby rubbishing judicial independence, Checks and Balances as enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution as amended. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  4. Battered and mutilated economy spear-headed by devalued Nigerian currency comparative to the US dollar and other foreign currencies. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  5. Uneven and selective War Against Corruption as amplified by the political stigmatization and persecution of political opposition under the aegis of Anti – Corruption Crusade. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  6. Inability to stop petroleum products importation by reviving local refineries as vividly promised during the last presidential election campaigns. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  7. Unkept promises of defeating Boko Haram insurgents within one hundred (100) days in office, but surprisingly somersaulted b exchanging twenty one (21) Chibok School Girls with the terrorist deadly commanders and other members. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  8. It is generally accepted militarily world-wide that, guerilla – tactics terrorism is the hardest war to easily conquer; but the Nigeria military are unprofessionally carried away by widely publicized premature celebration telling the innocent citizenry that Boko Haram terrorism are dealt with, incapacitated, dusted and recycled in the dustbin of immemorial history; while the blood thirsty carnivores are still carrying out their dastardly acts of sporadic shooting and bombings of innocent Nigerians strategically. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  9. The much – trumpeted economic diversification through agricultural development for national self – sufficiency and export is amplifyingly doubtable when the 2017 budget is carefully analyzed in which a paltry 1.8% allocation is allowed to the Agric sector but surprisingly far more resources are budgeted for the information and communication ministry to brainwash Nigerians with cooked stories to launder the government image. BUT NOBODY CARES!!!
  10. Just recently, several parcels of bombs were rained at innocent civilians in refugee camps by the Nigerian Air-Force, over a hundred and seventy lives prematurely killed and over one hundred and forty (140) others critically injured, but the only pretext put forward was that “it is a professional mistake and miscalculation caused by misinformation!” Had this unacceptable tragedy is performed by the military during the last administration, plenty misinterpretations would have rented the air insinuating a grand plot to depopulate the North! BUT NOBODY CARES!!!

We are in democratic government in which freedom of expression are legal and within the precinct of sanity, therefore maintaining dogmatic silence and indolence are symptomatic of poor political socialization and self – determination hiding under religious fraternity which is destroying our match to development and also polarizing the nation along such fault lines.

Therefore, breaking our coward silence to call spade a spade is only common – sense which is expected of all conscious society. This is absolutely not the best way to run a government as we are not in military dictatorship or colonial administration and slavery. The earlier we understand that and act to salvage our future, the better for our present and the future of the unborn generation!


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