Nigerian Of The Year 2014: Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka – ENDS


We at [Every Nigerian Do Something] thought the 2014 man of the year award will again go to the Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi as it went in 2013 who for another straight year transcended all boundaries of Nigerianism; breaking all religious, ethnic and political lines; defied stagnation and languorousness, remaining the symbol of revolution with yet unsurpassed patience. But, on the last day of the year and the last night, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka suddenly came and seized the award.

We hereby nominate Reverend Father Mbaka the man of the year 2014. Father Mbaka proved to be a true man of faith. Father Mbaka delivered a sermon; THE SERMON from the pulpit in Enugu that is shaking Nigeria to its roots; a sermon laced with Igbo idioms that violently tore at the consciences of Nigerians, Muslim and Christian alike. In the words of Manjadda Imah, the sermon was the “game changer, Halleluyah!”

Father Mbaka’s “Goodluck has been bad luck for Nigeria and change must come,” speech delivered to a listening crowd of comfortably over a million faithfuls in Enugu, will go down the sands of time as one of the most perturbing, noble, outstanding and provoking deliveries in Nigeria’s history. His speech leaves the listener speechless. If speeches were weapons, his was a nuclear bomb.

A few quotes out of a hundred pearls in the Father’s speech:

“If my father will be my leader and my siblings will all die; let a stranger be my leader and let my family live.” – Father Mbaka

 “Are u waiting for your own Church to be bombed before you speak out?…  A President that cannot fight a simple internal insurgency… not external enemies.” – Father Mbaka

“The continuity of Jonathan means disaster to Nigeria. We need change.” – Father Mbaka

“When Goodluck met Yar’Adua, he got bad luck and died, when Goodluck met our oil, it poured away and met bad luck; when Goodluck met our Naira, it met bad luck.” – Father Mbaka

Many are saying that it is Buhari, that he said he will make our country ungovernable. Even though Buhari never said such a thing like that; but if you are the President, will u not arrest such person (who made such statement)?” -– Father Mbaka

“Look at you brilliant youth but nobody has any plans for you—jobless—our leaders should come and apologize. 2015 cannot be the same. We announce CHANGE!” – Father Mbaka

“If Goolduck means bloodshed, are you waiting for your blood to be shed? We need CHANGE in Nigeria.” – Father Mbaka

It is a must read and must listen. Please watch video:

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We must however acknowledge others who have made Nigeria proud in 2014. This exhaustive list of awardees includes: Governor Rotimi Amaechi for reasons as stated above; Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso for his revolutionary changes to Kano and Nigeria at large and his record in transparency and development while cleansing Kano of corruption; the entire Chibok family whose tireless sacrifice will never be forgotten; Atiku Abubakar (for security reasons we are not yet able to divulge), SaharaReporters, for remaining Nigeria’s #1 anti-nonsense, outstanding media; the Ibn Fadlallah legions who liberated Adamawa after Goodluck Jonathan and Alex Badeh handed the state over to Boko Haram under pretense of the announced scam ceasefire; Australian Negotiator Stephen Davis for exposing the sponsors of Boko Haram unraveling for Nigerians the Chad connection and last but not the least, the Chibok girls, their families and people of Borno and environs as a whole for their patience and perseverance in the face of unthinkable betrayal by not only the government of Nigeria but by the people of the country who allowed and watch them raped, conscripted and killed and go about their daily business.

We wish Nigerians a prosperous new year and the CHANGE Father Ejike Mbaka prophesies.

We pray for the Almighty to protect and spare the life of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian