Vanguard? Did The Army Say They Don’t Have Copies Of Buhari’s Certificates?


Upon reading the publication in the Vanguard of January 2nd, written by a certain Kingsley Omonobi, titled “We are not with Buhari’s original copies of certificates — Army,” one conclusion could be drawn– the news article failed to state what person and office in the Army if any had allegedly made the pronouncement headlined.

The Vanguard in the content of the article suddenly spun from a caption that said, “the Army,” to saying, “a military source.”

As a paper that titles itself as a vanguard, an article or piece of news headlined with “The Army,” MUST include the official and office at the Army that provided that information. Vanguard acted against ethics and professionalism in this report. Why? Is the paper a political instrument?

As the attacks on the person, campaigners and candidacy of President Muhammadu Buhari keep increasing, it is essential for the media and government to protect and not inflame the polity as best it can. It is also essential the public takes necessary steps to analyse and cross check all information it is being fed.

It is without question that General Muhammadu Buhari well exceeds the minimal qualifications–school certificate–for the Presidential race as his documents have been submitted to INEC who have verified his candidacy not once or twice but three times in the past; however for those interested in receiving the satisfaction of confirming that he did not become a General and Presidential candidate three times by magic, formal clarification from the relevant authorities and President Buhari without further delay will be in order.