Borno: Muslims And Christians Joined CJTF To Guard Churches During Christmas, New Year


Across the troubled north of Nigeria, tomorrow’s youth have been coming together in unprecedented manners to defend each other and their religious sanctuaries from Boko Haram terror attacks.

In Maiduguri and the rest of the only seven local governments left in Borno state in the northeast, Muslims and Christians notably came out from three days to Christmas to assume monitoring and guard roles at the cities Churches.

According to Ahmed Baba, a volunteer who participated, the reason they begin routines three days to the service was preventive, to monitor and prohibit any terrorist the chance of planting bombs in the premises.

Ahmed explained that this year was unique; as more people joined the Civilian-JTF in guarding the Churches, they said, “we will not let you face this threat alone; we will go and risk our lives with you.”

We earlier reported on how in the same shows of unity and compassion, Muslims in troubled Kaduna state went to guard Churches and even worshiped at an Evangelical Church.

The barbarian Boko Haram terrorists who many believe are politically sponsored to fractionalize and shred trust between Nigerians of different faiths, rather appears to have provoked unprecedented levels of new tolerance, cooperation and a true spirit of coexistence in the nation; with Nigerians, all victims of the government tolerated carnage stepping up in true love for peace, unity and perseverance.