I Don’t Wish My Enemy What We See In The North

Kano bomber girl from Chad says over 300 similar Chadian girls were recruited and sent to Nigeria

Dear brothers and sisters in the South,

I can understand that the news about the true situation of the insecurity crisis in the North you do receive is either distorted or blocked, this is because politicians are afraid of losing your support. No matter what they do to deny you the fact, they will not hide the fact that Mr. President is responsibly for the Security of the citizens, therefore, who is responsible for making sure that no part of the Nigerian territory will be used by terrorist, even if these terrorist are his children, the laws of the land granted him all powers and resources to deal with them.

How come the Administration of Goodluck that was given the highest security budget ever failed to curtail the growth and the strength of the insurgents?

How come the failed President’s promises of ending the Boko Haram crisis was not enough to reveal his incompetency?

Please use your head, it is not a shame that we admit our failure but, it is sheer wickedness to defend such failure.

The reason why I and my family are not going to vote for GEJ is that the Sambisa Forest where Boko Haram dwelled and hatched all their plans is still within the territory of Mr. President, why did he refused the Military to comb out the forest?

Now, Boko Haram are well established in our neighborhood far stronger than the Military formations (I mean no harm to our gallant soldiers).

Mr. President had all the time and opportunity in the world to do the right thing but, he misused it. My brothers and Sisters, gross negligence can sink a ship, remember the decision of leaders in far Asian countries, they voluntarily resigned because of sheer negligence on duty.

We in the North East will always remember the number of lives wasted, properties, number of widows, orphans and Internally Displayed Persons in various camps, what about the missing girls, women, young men.

Do you still want us to believe that this is because we want someone among us to be the next President? Pls, do not think like Satan!


Neglected Citizen of the North East.

Posted by IG Wala on FaceBook