Nigerians Rush To Eritrean Embassy Over Punch, SaharaReporters’ Compulsory Two Wives Tale

A recent juicy faboo tale on Punch, SaharaReporters, Vanguard and other Nigerian mainstream media of a mufti who wished for laws that made it compulsory to have two wives or face jail has sparked a “visa rush” in Nigeria as men of all walks of life have been cramming the Eritrean embassy in Kano for Visas.

Eritrea, the Grand Mufti, the highest religious authority in the country, declared that every man must marry two women or face a jail sentence. The declaration was leaked last Thursday on several social media platforms. The Eritrean government will compensate Eritrean men for the marriage ceremonies and houses.  SaharaReporters’ juicy tale

The fabulous hoax story appears to have first originated from a post in Punch that referenced a misread article in

The form below filled by this handsome young man was filled with “marriage” as the reason for application.


Another comic image



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