RED ALERT: Occultists Harvesting Eyeballs From Children In Kaduna, Zamfara [WARNING]


Boy discovered after his eyes taken
Boy discovered after his eyes taken

Nigerian occultists are on a wicked campaign kidnapping and harvesting eyeballs from children in the north.

A lady last week sent out a pitiful, chilling audio plea recording that her 4 year old son was abducted when he went to the Mosque for evening prayers with his sister my an unknown driver in Kaduna.

The child with his eyes plucked out was discovered in Zamfara state Tuesday.

Another child victim who appears below suffered similar fate. The image of his plucked out and crudely stitched eyes was too gruesome to publish, so we covered it.


Ayatollah Buratai
Ayatollah Buratai

We urge the Nigerian security services to step up to find these occultists and mete them with justice. Nigeria’s ‘defender of democracy,’ Ayatollah Buratai is implored to do his thing and massacre the perpetrators without this surprising delay.

All parents are advised to never allow their children out of sight for any reason whatsoever.

These types of insane rituals are common when hardship hits the nation.