Nigerians Slam Buhari For Turning Herder-Farmer Terror Crises Into Numbers Contest In Taraba Speech


“The numbers killed in Mambilla are more than Benue and Zamfara combined,” Buhari said while visiting Taraba state. A statement that immediately drew harsh condemnation from practically all readers on PremiumTimes.

Mr. President, I should be the last person to comment here given the forcefulness with which I campaigned here and by other social media for your election. I honestly believed that, among other things, you would restore internal security. How shocked I am that you’ve reduced such a serious matter to a competition about which state records more killings by the herdsmen.

So all Buhari can do is compare the number of deaths in Taraba and Benue. Buhari has not really recovered from whatever illness took him to London. This man is pathetic.

Probably more Fulani people are killed there hence the concern of this man. Cocktail of nepotism & bigotry. Indirectly saying others should not complain because more Fulanis have been killed!

Where is Osibanjo to defend his animal boss , for his evil mind

So, this stooopid ediot from Daura is making noise because of 20 foolani terrorists killed in Talaba State. In short, boohari is a brainless foolani pig!

Cows don’t have human feelings so no one should expect Buhari to have or show human feelings. This man is cow in totality.

Definitely,Buhari only has one objective and it’s to lead Nigeria to the grave,if allowed.

Can everyone hear what is coming out of this man? Is it senility that is fueling this gross irresponsibility in Buhari?

What sort of a human being is this?

So this is what is bothering (hurting) our president – the people killed in Taraba but not the ones killed in Benue and Zamfara. Honestly, I believe that anyone who loves this country will start thinking about how to get this man out of the presidency before he leads this this country to its demise. It has become obvious that he can no longer even help himself.

Buhari is simply an unimaginable accident on Nigerians.

What his statement implies is that more
Fulani lives have been lost in Taraba compared to other conflict zones, and that Fulani lives matter more. Coded message for those who can discern. Mr President my question to you, is to disclose to the public the ways in which you gather information on killings happening on your watch. Could it be that Ahmadu Bello appears every night in your dreams to tell you these things, or perharps you just go by whatever numbers Miyetti Allah puts out ??

I am really gutted by this event. This is the most irresponsible statement a President can make. So it about the number of people killed? Over 300 were killed in agatu land in Benue state but it was not big enough to warrant a presidential visit. Over 100 were killed in Benue again in January but was not big enough to warrant a condolence visit to Benue. Nobody has come out with number of casualties in manbillah but the president got the exact number and was big enough to move the president to visit the victims. Fulani were affected in Manbillah then the president of Fulanis has decided to pay a condolence visit. How is this man a president of the whole nation? In the case of Benue he stayed in Aso villa and ordered the governor to come with the state’s elders to see him. What an insult? Where is justice and fairness. In every nation where there is crisis it has always been as result of suspicions occasioned by injustice, imbalance in the distribution of power and resources as well as favoritism, nepotism. In fact Buhari is a big ‘fuul’ and an ‘edeot’. ARE THE FULANIS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE REST OF US?