Nigeria’s Opposition Burn Their Voters Cards After Losing Hope In Government Electoral Process


Nigerian voters especially the opposition having lost total hope in the commitment of the Goodluck Jonathan administration to conduct free and fair elections and transition, have sadly started burning their permanent voters cards.

Videos and images of voters who the government successfully frustrated by the postponement which was enforced to raise the hopes for the embattled ruling party, burning their voters cards have been surfacing since the announcement Saturday evening of the postponement from February 14th to March 28th.

In what has been called a coup by a Nigerian top lawyer and activist, Femi Falana, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, Dasuki first pushed to postpone claiming issues with voters card distribution; when the Electoral commission said it was ready to complete the distribution ahead of the elections the nations army was invited to force a postponement based on phony security concerns.

Behind the coup

nigeria coup

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The ruling party plan was to provoke and crush the will of the opposition and their hope for change from the ballots– and they have already succeed in doing so.

The people have started resigning that the Jonathan government is not honest and the process will never be fair. The Presidency has stated categorically that it will never allow the handover of power to the Integrity Buhari/Osinbajo team. Most recently chief special adviser on media, Doyin Okupe made the outlandish outburst to journalists that they should mark his word, the opposition will never be allowed to rule.

That video: