Nigeria’s Position on Postponing Elections: Jonathan Must Immediately Resign!

Goodluck Jonathan


One man cannot continue to destroy and delay the destiny of 170 million people. Nigeria is bigger than Jonathan and will outlive him. Enough has certainly been enough. From the banning of the Super Eagles through the fuel subsidy removal New Year’s gift to this! If the last straw has not yet broken the camel’s back, the failure of this government if elucidated by a true necessity to postpone the elections warrants the immediate resignation of Goodluck Jonathan.

We the people of Nigeria will not continue to suffer for the stupid failures of one man. He had 8 years as Vice and President of the Federal republic of Nigeria to prepare a foolproof electoral system and he pretends to be hustling to make it happen and unable to after 8 years in office? Is he not the commander in chief and head of the Nigerian army, INEC and all other agencies and arms of the government? Is he not the one who rejected the capping of and monitoring of political donations because he said it will be a personal “booby trap?” President Jonathan is the head of INEC and if INEC defaults, Jonathan (and Sambo, with the Senate head, David Mark, and the service chiefs) must go and will go this time. Someone else will continue from this point. Nigerians will not allow them oversee any future process. We have had it!

Though he has lost the right to, Nigerians may allow Mr. Jonathan contest on February 14th, but in the event there is any treacherous attempt to postpone the elections, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan must resign immediately. I am sure I am speaking for most Nigerians here. We are tired of a corruption embracing, ethic fractionizing, religious polarizing, army undermining, reputation bankrupting, economic collapsing, loan accumulating, criminal pardoning, terror aiding, environment degrading, GMO fraternizing, poverty expanding, job-seeker humiliating, terrorist fire ceasing, money laundering, opposition slandering, commonwealth usurping, ‘prinspal’ humiliating, abducted girls denying, massacre ignoring, cabal indulging, shame stabbing government that will not conduct a simple election for us as and at when due.

All calls for election postponement go hand in hand with the immediate and unreserved resignation of President Goodluck Jonathan and all his appointed officers, civilian and military. This is the Nigerian position.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian