VIDEO: Vice President And Bigot Namadi Sambo Calls APC A Christian Party, Tells Muslims To Reject it


In this unbelievable video, Vice president of Nigeria and president Goodluck Jonathan’s deputy said the unbelievable.

Speaking in Niger state, focusing on winning Muslim bigots votes, he accused the APC party of being a “Christian” party, saying its chairman was Christian, its presidential campaign director., Rotimi Amaechi was Christian too and the Vice presidential candidate, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo was a firm Christian who had built more than 5000 Churches and other retarded statements.

He then touted the PDP as a Muslim party because its chairman as he said, Muazu was a Muslim, the presidential campaign director was Muslim and he, the Vice President, Namadi Sambo is a “Muslim.”

This must be the lowest yet to be witnessed in a sickening campaign by the ruling PDP.

President Jonathan watches 9quite unhappy looking) in Minna
President Jonathan watches 9quite unhappy looking) in Minna

No one really listened to him, rather Muslims called him out for being a bigot and a poor believer who could not even recite the opening chapter, of the Quran, chapter “Fatiha,” the first and easiest chapter toddlers learn.

This is a crime. This man should be arrested.

WATCH SHOCKING VIDEO (In hausa, but you can make out words “APC, Chairman, campaign director, Vice president Christian’ and “PDP, campaign dorector, Chairman and Vice, Muslim.”

Watch from 8:58 mins

Or click link to see video

The rather little crowd in Minna

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