Nigeria’s Terror: Between Die-to-rule spymaster Gusau and Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote

Gusau the Spy is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command

*This article is a follow up to: General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, Are You the Boko Haram Sponsor Azazi Inferred?

July 3, 2013

NewsRescue– He is untouchable. He has been at the helm of Nigeria’s affairs and most importantly the nations security boss through several administrations, both military and civilian. Known as the Spymaster, no one appreciates the intricacies of developing or curbing terrorism like this man. He has links to international governments and international secret intelligence departments. He is one-on-one friends of top world leaders, politicians and other government officials. The powerful PDP member we are talking about also has a die-to-rule Nigeria ambition. General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau (Gusau being his hometown), is this one man.

gusau-parliamentNigerians as with masses all over the world, usually stay fixated with the politics and shows of the ruling individuals, without realizing the machinations behind, including forces of good and evil that select, keep in power and compress their leaders. These power and terror broker “elite,” are usually the most dangerous enemies to the people and the true reasons for their suffering. Elected officials are handicapped, at the mercy of these barons.

In our July 2nd article (General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, Are You the Boko Haram Sponsor Azazi Inferred?), we described how late NSA, General Andrew Owoye Azazi, who briefly occupied the “NSA” position Gusau literally owns, professed to an audience that as a result of “internal workings of PDP,” a “die-to-rule” PDP presidential candidate, who was among those “shenked” by PDP, was behind Boko Haram “suddenly” acquiring the ammunition, skills and financing to reign terror on Nigeria. Possible contestants in that run-up were Gusau, IBB and Atiku. Video is below.

TheNationOnline on01/01/2012 had stated: Hardline allies of Jonathan’s have gone further, suggesting that northern rivals within the PDP – such as Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Aliyu Mohammed Gusau – may have covert ties to Boko Haram. Privately though, some of Jonathan’s securocrats have been asking Babangida and Gusau for advice.

Gusau has even also been recently implicated in having connections to dangerous ammunition’s found in Kano, in the possession of Lebanese with “Hezbollah” links. It was under his tenures as NSA that these arms were likely, easily imported and stored.

Spymaster Aliyu Gusau, of the team of Ibrahim Babangida and Atiku Abubakar, fits the profile Azazi painted, to the teeth. Gusau has been in and out of corridors, has the finance capacity, the desire to rule, the wherewithal, the desperation and the history, including being involved in the brutal government of Babangida, to be able to be the chief Boko Haram sponsor.

An article on September 14, 2011, in PM news, “Why the Terrorists are winning in Nigeria,” asserted from ‘sources,” that when Boko Haram began constituting itself as a terrorist organisation, the president in charge at the time, Obasanjo asked Gusau, his NSA about this group, popularly called the “Nigerian Taliban,” in intelligence circles at the time. Gusau surprisingly responded, “no such group exists in Nigeria.”

The article further revealed that Steven Davis, activist and public commentator said of the NSA:

“Goodluck Jonathan became President of Nigeria upon the death of Umaru Yar’Adua in May 2010. Former NSA Aliyu Mohammed Gusau was once again made National Security Adviser. Gusau could not possibly have missed the threat of Boko Haram. If his security operatives failed to raise the matter in their reports then the public statements released by Boko Haram and printed verbatim in Nigeria’s national newspapers should have raised questions from the NSA, if not alarm. The handling of the Boko Haram matter while Gusau was NSA resulted in a dramatic escalation in the conflict to the stage that it threatened the nation’s security.”

As we described, Azazi’s death, right after he made this admission, fits with the style of Babangida and Abacha era top intel. orchestrated assassinations. Late general Azazi’s chopper was described to have blown up in the skies of Bayelsa and fallen into the bushes of Okoroba on December 15, 2012.

The dangerous nature of the spymaster possibly partially explains why the Nigerian president simply does not have the mettle to arrest him. In late general Azazi’s words, “where is the president” to do so? Like Pakistan’s Musharaf and Egypt’s Mubarak, Nigeria’s problems can not be seriously tackled if impunity remains for its leaders and upper echelon who commit the most heinous, corruption and mass murder atrocities. If the government does not mete justice, not only will suffering, poverty and terrorism flourish, but the civilians and youth will increasingly demand it in their way.

Wikileaks Cables: Gusau the US Spy and die-to-rule desperado

The top level information and Nigerian intel. Gusau willingly submits to the US on a daily basis makes Snowden’s US NSA spying revelations burlesque in comparison. The influence, desperation, connections and workings of Gusau must be appreciated by reading through US cable leaks from Wikileaks, in which Gusau can be seen as a treasonous, traitor to Nigeria, and US spy, indulging confidential information to his US friends and puppet masters:

Reference id aka Wikileaks id #205794  ?
Subject Nigeria: Ambassador And Former Nsa Gusau Discuss Pdp Party Politics, Efcc
Origin Embassy Abuja (Nigeria)
Cable time Wed, 6 May 2009 17:57 UTC
Classification CONFIDENTIAL

GON Governance Issues and the PDP ABUJA 00000793 002 OF 002


¶4. (C) Turning to the subject of Yar’adua’s governance, General Gusau maintained that Yar’ Adua currently trusts only National Assembly Speaker Dimeji Bankole and Chief Economic Advisor Tanimu Yakubu, and suggested the Ambassador engage Bankole in particular to convey messages to the President (see septel for Ambassador-Bankole meeting). Discussing the latest PDP inner workings, Ambassador asked Gusau about how party stalwarts were realigning themselves for 2011, particularly given the recent PDP special convention ( ref a), changes to the PDP constitution, and whether former vice president Atiku had a chance in returning to the party. The General said that on Atiku he thought that the opportunity for him to return to the party for now had been lost, given that he had made too many political missteps. On the 2011 election, he said he understood for now that President Yar,Adua was planning to run, but that there were other options that were also being considered for the north if, in the end, he did not run again. Those options included both the Governors of Kwara and Bauchi States vying for the PDP nod. For Kwara State, Olusola Saraki (the senior Saraki who remains the godfather of politics for the state) wanted his son, current Kwara State Governor Bukola Saraki, to run with Ibori as his running mate, moving his daughter Gbemisola Saraki into the Kwara Governor,s seat. Gusau implied that Governor Saraki is less sanguine about his sister replacing him as governor than Saraki senior. The other northern option is Bauchi Governor Yuguda, Yar,Adua,s new son-in-law. Gusau did not mention who his potential running mate would be.

¶5. (C) Comment: Meetings with the former National Security Advisor are always fruitful for his useful bits of information, particularly on PDP party politics. The rising star of northern Bauchi Governor Yuguda should not be underestimated. Since his marriage to Yar,Adua,s daughter early this year, he has been rumored to be on the short list for the Central Bank Governorship, and now according to Gusau, depending on what Yar,Adua does as regards to 2011, could become a potential presidential candidate. On Kwara Governor Bukola Saraki, there has never been any doubt that he wants to be president of Nigeria. Whether 2011 is his time to be a serious candidate is still uncertain, but it appears that the favored governor of the Villa may have an unexpected rival that he was not counting on in Yuguda. We will see whether Gusau,s points bear fruit. On the EFCC, it is the same old refrain. End comment. SANDERS

aliyu-gusau-2Another cable gives further insight into the intelligence the Spymaster exchanges with his friends in the US:

S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 03 ABUJA 003186 SIPDIS SIPDIS E.O. 12958: DECL: 12/11/2016 TAGS: PGOV [Internal Governmental Affairs], PHUM [Human Rights], KDEM [Democratization], NI [Nigeria] SUBJECT: CORRECTED COPY – ALIYU MOHAMMED PREDICTS PRESIDENT OBASANJO WILL REMAIN IN POWER ABUJA 00003186 001.2 OF 003 Classified By: Ambassador John Campbell for Reasons 1.4 (b) and (d).

¶1. (S) Summary: Former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. (Ret) Aliyu Mohammed Gusau believes that President Obasanjo will try to rig the upcoming Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Convention so that it nominates as its presidential candidate Katsina Governor Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Villa denizen Andy Uba for Vice President. Aliyu Mohammed believes that Obasanjo’s choice of two manifestly unqualified candidates (Yar’Adua is ill and Uba has no political base) is a sure sign that he has no intention for elections to take place. He noted that the PDP has recently established Obasanjo as party leader “for life,” thereby paving the way for him to continue to wield the real power in an administration nominally headed by a very sick man should he be forced to give up his position as President. However, Aliyu thinks that the elections will be “postponed” in a January/February timeframe, and will result in coordinated rioting in Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano and Kaduna — the first time in Nigeria’s recent history that such coordinated protest will have taken place. Aliyu also thinks that there is a good chance that the PDP convention will reject Yar’Adua and Uba, despite Villa bribery and rigging; if Obasanjo is not successful on the first ballot with the Yar’Adua candidacy, the Convention will become open. Under those circumstances, Aliyu thinks his own candidacy for the Presidency still has a good chance for success. There is a comment in para 9. Beginning para 10 are biographical notes on Yar’Adua and Uba. End Summary.

¶2. (S) At his own request, Aliyu Mohammed called on the Ambassador the evening of December 11. He was accompanied by bodyguards and escorted by a chase car with MOPOL police, unusual for a person who as National Security Advisor routinely drove himself alone. The purpose of the visit was to argue to the Ambassador the unsuitability of Yar’Adua as President of Nigeria, and to present the Katsina governor’s candidacy as part of President Obasanjo’s efforts to retain power.

¶3. (S) Yar’Adua, Aliyu Mohammed said, suffers from a kidney disease and is on dialysis four times a week. In addition, he is subject to blackouts, probably related to epilepsy. He also suffers from other possibly unrelated mental conditions, is on constant medication for them, and has received psychiatric treatment in Germany. The dialysis machine was installed at the Katsina gubernatorial residence by the German construction firm Julius Berger (partially owned by former Chief of state Ibrahim Babangida). Because of these illnesses, Aliyu continued, Yar’Adua has become a recluse, rarely leaving his Residence, and is almost unknown amongst the Northern power elite, except through his relationship with his brother, the venerated Shehu Yar’Adua, who was murdered by Abacha. Aliyu Mohammed noted that the younger Yar’Adua had never been part of his brother’s political machine which, in fact, had been inherited by Vice President Atiku.

More can be read below from 2006 cables, that gives an insight into who Aliyu Gusau is and the dangers he represents:

aliyu-gusau¶5. (S) A few days ago, Aliyu continued, the PDP executive had changed the party’s bylaws and established the position of “Party Chairman for Life”, to which it appointed President Obasanjo. From this perch, Obasanjo could pull the strings ABUJA 00003186 002.2 OF 003 of a Yar’Adua /Uba administration * for the President, the fall-back option; he would still prefer to remain in office as President through delay of elections. However, Aliyu said, the selection of Yar’Adua and Uba is a clear sign that Obasanjo is not “serious” about holding elections at all. Obasanjo wants Independent National Elections Commission (INEC) Chairman Maurice Iwu to call for postponement of elections because of the breakdown in the registration procedures. Alternatively, Obasanjo is keeping open the possibility of firing Iwu and using that as the pretext for elections postponement. And then there is the good possibility that Yar’Adua will not survive the rigors of a Nigeria presidential campaign. His death could also be the pretext for postponing elections.

¶6. (S) A Yar’Adua/Uba PDP ticket, combined by the postponement of elections, Aliyu continued, would certainly lead to widespread unrest. He predicted coordinated rioting in all of Nigeria’s major cities, probably in a late January/February timeframe. He said that Former chiefs of State Buhari and Babangida and Vice President Atiku are “talking,” joined by Lagos Governor Tinubu (“who is fed up with Obasanjo”). However, Aliyu Mohammed continued, there is a good chance that Obasanjo will be stymied at the PDP convention. Despite Villa bribe-paying and manipulating of the delegates in other ways, he thought there was a good chance that the May, 2006 National Assembly defeat of Third Term would be repeated )- such is the revulsion at a Yar’Adua/Uba ticket. In fact, if the President is not successful on the first vote, Aliyu Mohammed predicted, the convention would be wide open. And that is where Aliyu thinks that his own presidential candidacy has a chance.

¶7. (S) Aliyu Mohammed said that last week, there had been an exchange of letters between Babangida and the President in which the former requested, and was denied, the support of the latter. Aliyu said that Babangida told him that he now has three options: not to run at all, because he considers Yar’Adua a “younger brother” because of his relationship with the Shehu, or alternatively because he would throw his support to Aliyu Mohammed, “a close associate of some forty years”. Or, Babangida will choose another political party as his platform, or, if the PDP convention does open up, he might throw his hat in the ring. NB: Babangida has announced on December 11 that he is withdrawing his candidacy for the PDP nomination ) for now.

Gusau is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command
Gusau is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command

¶8. (S) In response to the Ambassador’s question as to who are the President’s current advisors, Aliyu responded that the most important office holders are Minister of Information Frank Nweke (a Christian Ibo), Minister of Aviation Femi Fani Kayode (a Christian Yoruba) and Presidential Special Assistant on the Media, Remi Oyo (a Christian Yoruba). He said that Minister of Education Obi Ezekwesili and Attorney General Bayo Ojo no longer wield the influence over the President that they once did. Minister of the Federal Capital Territory El-Rufai is out because of his own alleged presidential ambitions; Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes commission Ribadu is also on the outs because his investigations have come a little too close to the President. But, he continued, Chris and Andy Uba and Tony Anenih remain important behind the scenes players, with the latter the “enforcer” of the President’s will.

The assessment by the US in the end of this cable, is very important. It states that presidents view Aliyu safer on the inside than the outside. This is how dangerous he is recognized to be. It also gives the US disregard for their “intel agent”:

¶9.  Comment: This must be read in the context of Aliyu’s own presidential ambition and his thorough disillusionment with President Obasanjo. Nevertheless, he is well connected with the traditional Northern establishment, with political links throughout the country. In our view, Obasanjo kept him on as National Security Advisor (and thereby the head of all of the security/intelligence services) as long as he did because he judged Aliyu as less dangerous inside the tent than out.

Dangote and Transcorp Buys the presidency – Cables

Item 4 from this cable above introduces the worlds richest black man, Aliko Dangote:

¶4. (S) Aliyu Mohammed, saying he was quoting Yar’Adua directly, said that Obasanjo had “ordered” the Katsina governor to contest for the Presidency. When Yar’Adua objected that the state of his health precluded it, Obasanjo countered that “God will cure you,” and undertook to cover all medical expenses. When Yar’Adua said he had no money, Obasanjo organized financial angels, all associated with Transcorp and led by Northern millionaire Alhaji Aliko Dangote. This group is supplying the Yar’Adua campaign with 45 jeeps (of which four are armored), a war chest of 5 billion naira, and a rented jet. (Aliyu Mohammed said that Dangote and the other “Transcorp boys” seek a Yar’Adua presidency to facilitate their gaining control over most of Nigeria’s oil and gas production.) Andy Uba, recently selected as PDP gubernatorial candidate for Anambra state, has been a “special assistant” to President Obasanjo; he has no independent power base of his own, and is widely disliked because of his arrogance. Aliyu Mohammed went on to say that the President had ordered the arrest of the chief of staff to Rivers State Governor Peter Odili to warn the latter away from seeking the vice presidential nomination himself.

Indeed, “Boko Haram is not Nigeria’s worst evil” … “Elite” like Dangote is

Dangote aka, beggar-thy-countrymen
Dangote aka, beggar-thy-countrymen

It is rather troubling to see the desire-to-rule and the political games played. Dangote and the rest at Transcorp, bought the election for Yar’Adua from the Nigerian masses, literally. 5 billion naira, a rented jet, 45 jeeps. This is the reality of Nigerian democracy. And this is the role of the “quiet” Dangote in picking and installing leaders who will in turn reward him by handing over the nations coffers to him on a platter.

Not surprisingly, Aliko Dangote, the 43rd richest man in the world, a Hausa from the Dantata household amasses such wealth from Nigeria while, like Carlos Slim of Mexico, Nigeria as a whole and his region of Nigeria, in particular, is one of the poorest in Nigeria and the world.

Not surprisingly, Dangote does not view Boko Haram—which has claimed over 5000 lives and threatened the peace, security and prosperity of not only Nigeria, but the entire region of Sub Saharan Africa—as “Nigeria’s worst evil.” He sees infrastructure problems as a bigger issue. Of course, he, being a sole supplier and manufacturer in Nigeria, is poised to be at the receiving end of contracts to build infrastructure while Nigerians die from terrorism, the country courses bloody sectarian and ethnic convolutions, and the northern region is totally wrecked. Talking about evils, nothing has wrecked Nigeria and been more evil to Nigeria, than the “elite,” like himself.

In Dangote’s terms, Dangote is Nigeria’s greatest terrorist due to his controlling and usurping all its opportunities, including its leadership selection.

almajiriHow can a man with such wealth, contribute next to nothing to his people and the poverty stricken children of Nigeria? This person manipulates Nigeria’s political scene in all manners that ensure his immense wealth is derived from exclusive deals in Nigeria. Yet he is too wicked and selfish to assist with development of his people. Kano state, from whence Dangote’s family originates, has over 1.2 million Almajiri beggars. Several of the abandoned, homeless Almajiris and beggars, go into terrorism. Is it not a shame that the wealthiest black man comes from a state with so many abandoned children, and he does next to nothing about it?

A Kano man made this comment about the son of the soil:

Dangote was born and grown up in Kano; but Wallahi; Owella Rochas Anayo Okorocha is far better than him and his so-called father Aminu Dantata. They are killing Kano, they should go to hell with their wealth. A. A. Rano, A. S. A Hadejia and the likes of Na Allah are the kind of people Kano, north and Nigeria want. Forget Dangote, Dog feel more safer than him in Kano metropolis.

Mohammed (Gusau) believes that Yar’Adua has failed as a candidate because of his poor health, the perception in the North that he is the candidate of Obasanjo and Dangote (which explains why his motorcade was stoned between Kano and Katsina), and because he is unable to connect with the “man on the street.” c/o “Rat” Gusau, wikileaks

Most certainly, this Hadith will strike a note to Dangote: In the end days, Gains will be shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to the poor. (Tirmidhi)

The sad truth is: Dangote  is part of the reason why there are so many destitutes. He makes the kings who rule Nigeria horribly. He benefits from the deals that cheat Nigeria and its people. His wealth was amassed from preferentialism, corruption, money laundering, according to wikileak US cables; from special deals, that crippled other small businesses and industry while giving him sole authority. Dangote and his likes is the reason why there is so much poverty and terror in Nigeria.

Leaks from the US, related to Dangote described the dangers of Dangote, aka, beggar-thy-countrymen:

E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/07/2015 SUBJECT: ALIKO DANGOTE AND WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HIM Classified By: Consul General Brian Browne for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d).

1. (C) Summary. Alhaji Aliko Dangote (Dangote) is Nigeria’s most well known businessperson and may be its wealthiest citizen. He has taken on the aura of an economic folk hero for some, villain for others. To supporters, he symbolizes that Nigeria can do more than barter and trade. It can succeed in manufacturing. To detractors, he is a predator using connections in a corrupt political economy to tilt the playing field in his favor and sideline potential competition. The truth resides somewhere between these caricatures. Dangote is counted among President Obasanjo’s inner circle of business advisors. It is no coincidence that many products on Nigeria’s import ban lists are items in which Dangote has major interests.

2. (C) Summary Cont’d: Although an undiluted success in terms of wealth accumulation, Dangote personifies the duality in Nigeria’s economy. This duality presents a dilemma for US economic policy. On one hand, Dangote imports significant amounts of US produce and equipment for his manufacturing ventures. On the other, he has had success blocking trade and investment that might compete with his enterprises. Weighing everything in the balance, we believe the Dangote model is harmful to Nigerian and American interests in the long run. Unfortunately, the Dangote model will likely be the one most emulated until its beggar-thy-countrymen contradictions become more apparent. End summary.

An open letter to Aliko Dangote stated:

Haba Aliko! But while you are still cutting ribbons to open new industries in the safer southern and western regions and other countries in Africa, your own northern region is burning!
Burning in the catastrophic chaos of Islamic insurgency in the masquerade of Boko Haram.
But who is to blame? You are not culpable? You think you are innocent?

How many of you industries are located in Kano and other northern states?
Are you biggest factories located in the northern regions?

How many of the millions of jobless people in Kano are employed in your following Dangote Group of Companies and subsidiaries?

ALCO International Limited; Dangote Nigeria Limited; Dangote Transport Limited; Dangote Cement Plc. – Listed on Nigeria Stock Exchange[4]; National Salt Company of Nigeria Plc. – Listed on Nigeria Stock Exchange; Dangote Flour Mills Plc. – Listed on Nigeria Stock Exchange; Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc. – Listed on Nigeria Stock Exchange[5]; Dangote Oil & Gas Industries International; Dangote Textiles Limited; Dangote Holdings Limited; Blue Star Limited; Dansa Foods Limited; Dansa Food Processing Limited; Dancom Technologies; GreenView International Company Limited – Has invested US$28+ million in cement factory in Ghana. Sephaku Cement Limited – Dangote Group has 64% shareholding in this South African cement company. Alheri Engineering Limited; Kura Holdings Limited

Haba Aliko!
Where were you when over 400 industries closed in Kano? Where were you when over five million jobs were lost? Where are the cotton plantations? Where are the sugarcane plantations? Where are the groundnut pyramids? What have you done with your billions of dollars to revive the collapsed industries?

What have you done for your thousands of nomadic and rampaging cattle herdsmen who are roaming and trespassing farmlands from the north to the middle belt and to the south when they would fare better if you can just spend only $1 billion to settle them in ranches and let them develop livestock farms all over your northern states and stop their prehistoric nomadic life of trespassing other lands.

Between Die-to-rule spymaster Gusau and Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote

The selfishness and wickedness that operates in Nigeria, compares to none. You have Die-to-rule spymaster Gusau, the evident Boko Haram sponsor under whose watch as NSA, Boko Haram developed, who as we stated in our July 2nd article, must be brought in for questioning; and the country also has Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote, both men at the root of intractable suffering and terrorism in Nigeria. Do not expect Dangote to be criticized in Nigerian dailies. Dangote cement pays them; you will see his advertisements on almost all online news media websites and on paper newspapers. This is big business feeding the piper. Hence the piper plays the tune of who feeds him.

dangote cement

As 2015 Elections comes up: Who’s Buying and Who’s selling Nigeria? Dangote? OBJ? GEJ?

If Nigeria is to seriously move forward, the power of this business tycoon must be restricted. Nigerians must fight for their independence from Dangote. Deals between Obasanjo’s government and Dangote killed so many Nigerian small businesses, while making Dangote the sole manufacturer or importer. This is top level oppression. The Nigerian political system must also protect itself from being bought and sold by the likes of Dangote as currently happens. One individual can not make the choices for 160 million, most especially when he values infrastructure over life.

Written by Hamza Suleiman with staff on 2nd of July, 2013