General Aliyu Mohammed “Die-to-rule” Gusau Exposed As Top Boko Haram Sponsor

July 2, 2013; Updated

NewsRescue– Nigeria’s National Security Adviser boldly and surprisingly made the admission that Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, Ibrahim Babangida(IBB), Bukola Saraki or possibly Atiku Abubakar’s presidential ambition was behind the sponsoring of Boko Haram.

Shortly after daring to give the truth to the Nigerian people, General Azazi was not only fired from his position, but killed when his helicopter was exploded over Bayelsa.

General Azazi obviously had the office and capacity to know the real details behind Boko Haram. His position as the Nations Security Adviser, put him at the head of that information. If anyone should know who and what is behind Boko Haram, it would be someone who occupies that office.

The current President, Goodluck Jonathan has on several occasions admitted that they knew who was behind Boko Haram, and these were top level officials.

Facial reaction as Azazi lays it bare
Facial reaction as Azazi lays it bare

Gen. Azazi explicitly declared to his audience, who was behind the unrest. He narrowed it down to the result of ‘unconstitutional’ PDP convention regulations, which determined who could run for President, vs who could not run.

Boko Haram’s “Sudden” Sophistication Implies Powerful Sponsors — Azazi

Gen. Azazi (RIP) did not my mince words. Almost as though he had determined and was willing to die for Nigeria, by establishing the truth against all odds, he even further revised the theoretically commonly presented factors behind Boko Haram terror, to include, not only the usual, ‘poverty,’ and ‘religion,’ but also the ‘die-hard-to-be-president,’ factor.

He said:

The extent of violence did not increase in Nigeria until there was a declaration by the current president that he was going to contest. PDP got it wrong from the beginning, from the on-set by saying Mr A can rule, Mr A cannot rule, Mr B can rule, Mr B cannot rule, according to PDP’s convention, rules and regulation and not according to the constitution {applause} and that created the climate for what has manifest itself, this way. I believe that there is some element of politicization. is it possible that somebody was thinking that only Mr. A could win, and if he did not win, there will be problems in this society.

Let’s examine all these issues to see whether the level of violence in the North East just escalated because Boko Haram suddenly became better trained, better equipped and better funded, and in any case how did they get it all done…{warning of Boko Haram becoming snipers – who could potentially target elite}

But, then I must also be quick to point out that today, even if all the leaders that we know in Boko Haram are arrested, I don’t think the problem would end, because there are tentacles. I don’t think that people would be satisfied, because the situations that created the problems are not just about the religion, poverty or the desire to rule Nigeria. I think it’s a combination of everything. Except you address all those things comprehensively, it would not work”

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It is very difficult to acquire terrorist capacity, the skills, the arms, the confidence. These things are extremely complex. Azazi a General and NSA, knows what it takes to get the skills, tools, funding, immunity and mindset that Boko Haram suddenly got after Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in.

Boko Haram sophistication
Boko Haram sophistication

You have to be supported by a top level, wealthy, untouchable, experienced-with military experience, intelligence master and die hard to be president, to decide to arm and equip and protect Boko Haram to develop into such a meaningful, complex threat.

It also clearly explains why Boko Haram unlike any terrorist organization in history,  is so illusive and never presents any clear meaningful goal or ambition. Their message is being delivered to the president. The rest they do, to amp. their reputation, satisfying their love for blood while high on heroin. It also explains why, according to security agents on the field, apprehended members, even with “knife to throat,” admit they have a sponsor, but say, if they mention his name, “the country will scatter.”

For his admissions, Gen. Andrew Azazi was fired and got blown up in the sky. The Kaduna state governor, Yakowa, was ‘unfortunately,’ at the last minute, invited by Azazi to fly with him, to conclude a conversation they were engaged in, and so he got caught in the ‘assassination.’

Azazi’s copter NN07, was said to have crashed in the bushes of Okoroba on December 15, 2012, due to “human and material failure,” according to the release by the Nigerian Navy Accident Investigation Board (AIB). Whatever “human and material failure” means, is left to the imagination. It evidently suggests,- “assassination,” – “humans” planting explosive “material.”

Witnesses said the chopper burst into flames before crashing into the creeks with its victims. The navy had dismissed “engine problems.” This clearly points to an explosion.


The level of skillful operation coincides with the assassinations of the Babangida era

It goes without much deduction, that vestiges of that administration are still at work, and such skill, finance and capacity keeps the weak president, described by Azazi with these words, “where is the president to declare it,” in relation to his inability to declare a state of emergency in Kaduna during crises, unable to accost or even publicize these well known PDP Boko Haram sponsors and suspected murderers of General Andrew Azazi.

Based on this aspect of Azazi’s statement, we easily eliminate Bukola Saraki from the list of co-runners during the PDP run up, and are left with Aliyu Gusau, IBB and Atiku Abubakar. It must be one of these three men, or a affiliate of theirs.

Gen. Aliyu Gusau (Rtd)
Gen. Aliyu Gusau (Rtd)

Spymaster Gusau

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau is Nigeria’s spymaster. That’s what he is known as. He has been Nigeria’s chief intelligence man in the Babangida years, as the NSA, and also in the Obasanjo years, where he was again the NSA, and again during the rocky Jonathan first term, where Jonathan pulled him in as NSA again. By virtue of his office, this man must be interrogated, because even if he is found not to be the root sponsor of Boko Haram, it developed under his watch, as NSA.

General Aliyu can not tell Nigerians that he did not notice Boko Haram form and get armed, while it was his duty to notice, and to abate such development.

 TheNationOnline, 01/01/2012: Hardline allies of Jonathan’s have gone further, suggesting that northern rivals within the PDP – such as Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Aliyu Mohammed Gusau – may have covert ties to Boko Haram. Privately though, some of Jonathan’s securocrats have been asking Babangida and Gusau for advice.

gusau-parliamentNot surprisingly, the Goodluck administration offered him the job of NSA once more, when Gen. Azazi was fired, but for peculiar reasons, this time, Aliyu Gusau turned it down. Perhaps he is too busy with important things of his own than to quarantine the mess that was created by him during his years in office.

His responsibility as NSA was to prevent such organization from coming together. Is this not what we hired and paid him for? This is why the current administration is hereby compelled by Nigeria’s masses, to call in the spymaster for questioning. Gusau was also recently fingered as having links to weapons found in Kano, in Lebanese “Hezbollah” homes.

And when we bring him in, we should perhaps as well bring in his ex boss, Babangida and the well implicated former Borno State Governor, Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff(regardless of his denial), for serious questioning too. Pakistan has detained their ex-dictator. Egypt’s ex-dictator is also rotting in jail. To seriously bring about peace, Nigeria too needs to quarantine its heads of its brutal past regimes. Goodluck must get a spine and do what is right for man, God and posterity. It’s time to put an end to elite impunity.

NSA Gusau told Obasanjo there was no such group

PMNews, September 14, 2011: Sources, however, indicated that the Azazi’s predecessor as NSA cannot be absolved of blame. It was gathered that the the issue of al-Qaeda affiliated cells in the North-East part of the country was pointed out to former President Olusegun Obasanjo as far back as 2006. It was noted for instance that Boko Haram, termed the “Nigerian Taliban”, had been operating in the clear since 2005 when General Aliyu Gusau (rtd.) was NSA. The former president was said to have in turn asked Gusau to investigate the issue. But Gusau, according to reports, told Obasanjo that no such group existed in the country.

It was gathered that the same issue of Taliban presence in Nigeria was raised with the late President Umaru Yar’Adua in July 2007. “Goodluck Jonathan became President of Nigeria upon the death of Umaru Yar’Adua in May 2010. Former NSA Aliyu Mohammed Gusau was once again made National Security Adviser. Gusau could not possibly have missed the threat of Boko Haram. If his security operatives failed to raise the matter in their reports then the public statements released by Boko Haram and printed verbatim in Nigeria’s national newspapers should have raised questions from the NSA, if not alarm,” said Steven Davis, a public commentator. “The handling of the Boko Haram matter while Gusau was NSA resulted in a dramatic escalation in the conflict to the stage that it threatened the nation’s security,” he added.

Gusau is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command
Gusau is rewarded for “spying” with his much sought for visit to US European Command

High Treason: NSA Gusau Works For US Against Nigeria’s President Obasanjo

2004 July 27, 05:42 (Tuesday)

5. (C) Comment: Aliyu Mohammed wants the restoration of military cooperation with the U.S., sees as workable the proposed statement to be made by President Obasanjo. He has promised to advocate for it with the president. This mission strongly endorses an USEUCOM invitation to Aliyu Mohammed to visit USEUCOM. Such an invitation would benefit U.S. interests whether or not Obasanjo makes the speech we want him to make and whether or not the security relationship is restored. In my judgment, Aliyu Mohammed still has a career ahead of him at the highest levels of Nigerian politics, and he is instinctively pro-American. His cooperation on a wide range of security issues is worth having. End comment. US AMBASSADOR CAMPBELL

A foreign Spy in Nigeria, NSA Gusau plotted for the US against the serving Nigerian president
A foreign Spy in Nigeria, NSA Gusau plotted for the US against the serving Nigerian president

Azazi, a National Hero

General Andrew Azazi is a martyr and national hero. In these times, when people kill to simply remain in power and at favor, General Azazi dared to differ. Those of us who used to question him in the past, have now forgiven him out of respect for his laying down his life, to squarely point out the root of Nigeria’s problems and courageously open the door for us Nigerians to address this. He will never be forgotten and is death will not be in vain, by Gods mighty grace.


Nigeria Must Wage a Complete Battle, Soldiers and Sponsors

Nigerians will not rest till you bring these men in for questioning. People have died. Yes, human beings continue to and have died and been buried, and families rent into despair for the crimes we exonerate these people over. More innocent Nigerians will suffer and die as we fight Boko Haram in the consuming urban war, while the creators and sponsors of this monster sit free???

Atuman-WANTEDThe Civilian JTF has been heroically proactive in waging a dangerous war against terror. They have surprised and thrilled the world with their courage, determination and prowess. We pray for those among them and the good civilians of the north east who die fighting this battle.

Hundreds of terrorists have been arrested by the youth, who are leaving no stone unturned as they go for Boko Haram terrorists. Additionally, they are fully committed to pursuing the sponsors, because success is only worth it if those behind the senseless organisation are brought to book.

In today’s news, the Civilian JTF fulfilled on a promise made June 27, to go after the chairman of the ANPP party in Borno, Alhaji Mala Atuman. He has since been on the run, and his home was burned down by youth. The youth also went after former governor of Borno state, Alhaji Modu Sheriff.

Government Needs To Support Military and Civilian JTF

It is necessary for the Jonathan administration, in addition to respecting its people, by canceling any talk of amnesty for terrorists caught by the brave forces of the military and the civilian forces, but to also go after and make top level arrests of the sponsors of this organisation. The winds of time(God) and the people are behind such action and in full support; reluctance to act appropriately and in recognition of the thousands who have died at the hands of terrorists and their sponsors, will pit the Nigerian government against its people. See: NewsRescueBorno: Civilian JTF After Politician Sponsors of Boko Haram, Burn ANPP Chair House, Go After Ali Modu Sherif

The war against terror must be complete, to be worth the service men and civilians lives that have and are being lost. Bringing in the sponsors while initiating new social welfare reforms and creating employment for the youth must be done, in addition to the ground and air attack.

by Hamza Suleiman and Lekan Abayomi with staff