Spy Gusau: Perhaps the Most Evil Man in Nigeria’s Oligarchical History

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, a Nigerian spy for foreign intelligence agencies/governments
  • Featured image from Spy Gusau’s visit to USEUCOM. According to WikiLeaks cables, as Gusau divulged top security Nigerian intel to the US, all he begged for was a visit to the USEUCOM. This was finally granted, and he smiles in satisfaction. See cable.

Jan. 22, 2014


Serial Coup Plotter:

His history takes off in 1983 when Northerner Shagari was in power. Zamfara Gusau along with Gwari, Niger-State Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) plotted the December 1983 coup to remove Nigeria’s second republic.

Successfully expelling our civilian government, Gusau-IBB installed Buhari, their senior in the army to lead the military government. It is generally known that Buhari didn’t have that type of mind to orchestrate the 1983 military coup. (Ref Max Siollun; Col. Tony Nyiam) It was team IBB-Gusau who did it.

It did not take long for General Buhari and Idiagbon to realize what kind of subversive man Aliyu Mohammed was. Their NSO, Muhammadu Lawal Rafindadi immediately put Gusau the Director Military Intelligence (DMI) under intense surveillance with wire tapping and planned to retire him and soon after do the same for IBB.

The Buhari-Idiagbon regime did not favor western economic policies being pushed on Nigeria. This government, like that of Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, believed in self development and cooperation with non-aligned nations and developing like-minded nations. The visit to Brazil to partner in development was one such move.

Realizing they had been identified, Gusau and IBB, supported by western superpowers who wanted to replace Buhari-Idiagbon to be able to impose IMF loans and SAP restrictive policies on Nigeria as they were doing in all Black nations in Africa and the Caribbean at the time, planned their next coup.

These coups had nothing to do with any so-called northern oligarchy. IBB-Gusau are the only oligarchy, working eternally in self interest. After all, Shagari and Buhari were all proud northern Fulani men.

A third man is at this point introduced to the most dangerous coterie in Nigeria’s early history. MKO Abiola. This business tycoon established friendship with IBB early in the game. Now, we have a triad.

MKO was able from the private sector to publish media articles against Shagari and in support of moves by IBB-Gusau. This was a dangerous, self-motivated formidable trio.

Naiwu Osahon: MKO was the man who with IBB-Gusau convinced his friend, the King of Saudi Arabia, to invite Idiagbon for a special visit, to enable the IBB-Gusau coup … and thereafter SAP and IMF conditions could be imposed on Nigeria, thanks to a foreign supported coup.

Gusau who was under intense watch, pushed them to act fast before he is retired or killed. August 1985, the coup done behind the backs of Buhari and Idiagbon was successful. Not being cowards, Buhari and Idiagbon returned to Nigeria’s to house imprisonment. Till his death, Idiagbon never signed out of his military command and also never shook IBB’s hand in functions, clearly out of disgust.

IBB rules with Gusau rotating offices from NSO to NSA and finally Army chief when Babangida stepped aside for the third republic.

As Army chief, Gusau together with Abacha removed the interim civilian government and Abacha held the reigns. Knowing the dangerous man Gusau was and his deadly personal ambition to rule Nigeria, Abacha retired Aliyu Mohammed Gusau promptly, replacing him with Chris Alli.

Aliyu Mohammed went private, running his security consultation outfit; but not for long. Soon his private firm will be consulted by the Nigerian government. Of course, IBB’s foster brother, Abdulsalami replaced late Abacha who it is believed was killed by, well, the usual suspects.  Abacha’s death in office, clearly was an opening for the two ‘northern oligarchs’ to get back into Nigeria’s business.

Remember how close IBB is with General Abubakar Abdulsalami. Abdulsalami’s dad adopted IBB when he was 15 and his parents died. Abdulsalami’s government was pretty much IBB and Gusau back in power from the private side.

There was a plan to get rid of all the obstacles to a permanent IBB-Gusau control of Nigeria. MKO Abiola died suspiciously, again not without the hands of IBB-Gusau’s foreign friends. He it is believed was poisoned by a special tea from America, on July 7, 1998, the day he was to be set free by IBB’s brother, General Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Next to be terminated was Idiagbon who had never signed out of office. Late General Tunde Idiagbon was invited to Abuja by IBB’s brother, Abdulsalami. His journey back to Ilorin was a most pitiful one. His driver narrated that they had to keep stopping along the way for ‘Oga’ to come out and vomit or excrete. He had clearly been poisoned in Abuja. Idiagbon died shortly after in University of Ilorin Teaching hospital.

Aliyu Tilde’s article, “The Mysterious Hand That Helps Obasanjo Through Coups or Cardiac Arrests,” is the introduction to the next southerner to be utilized as disposable third wheel in the IBB-Gusau wheel of control of Nigeria.

Gusau had organized Obasanjo’s release from jail and was convincing him to accept to take over. Obasanjo did not become Nigeria’s president by accident. Nor was it any Big-foot, hidden northern Oligarchy that brought him there. It was Gusau. Short and simple.

With MKO, Idiagbon etc all dead and whatever other conditions Obasanjo laid out, prepared, Obasanjo accepted to answer IBB-Gusau’s offer. Of course, we always have to recognize that foreign Superpowers are at the discussion table when many of these plots are made… always there to ensure their interests are protected.

As this duo played with leadership of the nation, the people got poorer from north to south and terror and insecurity plagued Nigeria. Oil pollution festered unabated in the Niger Delta, and there were administration organized assassinations of human right activists and political opponents like Dele Giwa.

Gusau and IBB were reckless and without restraints. They could do anything; wipe out villages, etc to protect their personal interests and those of foreign parties. Planes crashed in their era, accurately exterminating opponents. Nigeria as a nation means nothing to this duo. Billions of dollars were stolen under their regime and the two became stinking rich.

Babangida’s cash it is reported was stashed by late Aliyu Dasuki. When he died, Babangida lost much of his wealth. Gusau, his partner married Jamila, Dasuki’s widow to secure what he could of IBB’s lost stash, US cables released by WikiLeaks reveals.

This exposes the depth of the relationship and what bonds these duo can make for wealth and power.

Obasanjo Replaces MKO as Third Wheel:

As president of Nigeria, Obasanjo immediately brought Gusau back into his administration as the NSA, chief of Nigeria’s security. Intelligence describes this choice as the necessity to keep the enemy close.

As NSA under Obasanjo, Gusau partnered and participated with Obasanjo in several multi million naira embezzlement deals. This PDP crew with businessmen like Aliko Dangote and the Transcorp boys, was poised to empty Nigeria’s coffers and build an unchallengeable political structure that will permanently own Nigeria’s leadership come what may.

Obasanjo did his part to consolidate power, weaken the military and divert billions of dollars of public funds including recovered loot from Abacha to himself and the private sector partners in this small, elite team. Finally imposing Jonathan on the nation. (Note- under Jonathan, the senate voted not to investigate Yar’adua’s death, which some had suspected was expedited through poisoning.)

But Gusau wanted to be president. Gusau dreams of leading Nigeria every night. Everyone else of his cronies had, some even twice, so he sees no reason why he should not. Gusau’s seers have told him he will lead the nation. He believes.

Gusau the Grand Treasonist:

Gusau as is revealed by several WikiLeaks cables, kept running to the foreign ambassadors, especially those of the US in Nigeria, asking for their advice and indulging national secrets and top level confidential information to them in desperation for their assistance in helping Obasanjo to select him as his successor on the PDP platform—guaranteed to win.

Gusau was terribly desperate as the cables reveal. A foreign Spy in Nigeria, Gusau even advised foreigners on how to successfully push through policy agendas with President Obasanjo, telling them to have late Mandela call Obasanjo to South Africa, as under such grounds, he said Obasanjo will more likely listen.

Gusau according to cables proposed that Obasanjo should select him, being that he Gusau has Obasanjo’s secrets and will not punish Obasanjo for his atrocities. Gusau believed that this assurance among other features of their relationship should convince Obasanjo to select him.

Obasanjo betrayed the duo. He selected Yar’adua, putting IBB in a tight spot. As Spy Gusau revealed to foreigners in Nigeria in other cables, by choosing a “younger brother” to IBB as IBB saw it, Obasanjo checkmated him and tied his hands, because it will be tough for him to oppose Yar’adua. Gusau’s hopes tanked.

2004 July 27, 05:42 (Tuesday)

5. (C) Comment: Aliyu Mohammed wants the restoration of military cooperation with the U.S., sees as workable the proposed statement to be made by President Obasanjo. He has promised to advocate for it with the president. This mission strongly endorses an USEUCOM invitation to Aliyu Mohammed to visit USEUCOM. Such an invitation would benefit U.S. interests whether or not Obasanjo makes the speech we want him to make and whether or not the security relationship is restored. In my judgment, Aliyu Mohammed still has a career ahead of him at the highest levels of Nigerian politics, and he is instinctively pro-American. His cooperation on a wide range of security issues is worth having. End comment. CAMPBELL


A foreign Spy in Nigeria, NSA Gusau plotted for the US against the serving Nigerian president
A foreign Spy in Nigeria, NSA Gusau plotted for the US against the serving Nigerian president

Gusau’s Stash of Incriminating Secrets:

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau it is widely understood has a stash of incriminating secrets against past regimes which he has kept with someone abroad as a security bargaining tool and also one to ensure he gets what he wants.

In case Gusau the ‘king-maker’ according to cables and desperado to be king is killed, these secrets are to be released to destroy whichever top level Nigerian official from the cabal did it to him.

What is hoped is that if Gusau ever stops only loving himself and figures he deserves some level of forgiveness from the Nigerian people for all his security and economic destruction and terrorism to Nigeria, he should release this incriminating information now, to save Nigeria with all its dying people, or is it only valuable in saving his life and ambition, while he cares nothing about our lives and the nation?

Gusau and Boko Haram:

Many media articles have accused Aliyu Mohammed Gusau of being the terror mastermind behind Boko Haram. A recent arms cache in Kano with Hezbollah agents was linked to him and according to NigerianPilot, he was put under investigation.

It was under Gusau as NSA that Boko Haram acquired all their weapons and reigned terror. Gusau did nothing to check these terrorists. He even, according to Steven Davis as reported in PMNews on Sept. 14, 2011, protected Boko Haram by telling then President Obasanjo that the group did not exist.

This, despite series of attacks by the group. Gusau did not make any security report on the group, then called “Nigerian Taliban,” the paper alleges and NSA Gusau even freed captured terrorists on the request of some northern leaders.

Gusau as NSA never arrested any sponsor of Boko Haram and never declared its known members publicly wanted to alert citizens and international police and neighboring security services. This is unusual and unheard of, of any top State security department in the world. It was a private Muslim organization that first declared Boko Haram leadership wanted in August of 2012 and then in November 2012 the JTF finally did so.

In his capacity as NSA thrice in Nigeria’s history, Gusau failed his job woefully and invariably assisted Boko Haram in becoming the menace they now are, with over 6000 deaths to their and his credit.

Late general Owoye Azazi is believed to have pointed to Gusau and IBB as being behind Boko Haram and its sudden sophistication, when they were removed by the PDP convention from being able to contest for the party. Azazi is believed to have been killed in a copter crash later the year in typical Gusau-Babangida era style assassinations.


It is recalled that Gusau retired as Goodluck Jonathan’s NSA to contest for the nation’s number 1 position.

Gusau cannot be absolved of involvement in Boko Haram terrorism by virtue of his position as NSA with the sworn and over-compensated duty to protect Nigeria from such formations. The same goes for MEND which evolved in the Niger Delta freely under Gusau’s watch as NSA.

But rather than protect the nation he was paid for, Gusau had only one thing on his mind—becoming president to rule and ruin Nigeria further.

NATFORCE – Nigeria’s Gusau Created Private Paramilitary Force:

In July of 2010, shortly after being re-appointed as the NSA, Gusau invented National Task-force, NATFORCE. An unbelievable private armed force to “combat the illegal importation of goods, arms/ ammunition and live weapons” into the country. NATFORCE has non military individuals as a paramilitary force, trained and armed to allegedly work with the national security services and control importation of arms. Sounds familiar? Blackwater USA?

NATFORCE director, Chief Emmanuel Okereke has been repeatedly arrested by Nigerian security department and been charged to court, the nation can simply not understand what this Gusau’s NATFORCE is, but Chief Emmanuel Okereke is always released because the documents of NATFORCE established by Gusau are in order.

Thanks to this private Gusau established paramilitary force, Nigeria is awash with all types of sophisticated arms. Arms confiscated by NATFORCE can simply be given to terrorists who satisfy the ambition of Gusau. NATFORCE creates a smooth pathway to supply weapons to terrorists in Nigeria right under the nose of the government.

Today, Gusau’s brother in-law, Sambo Dasuki, another spoke in the wheel is Jonathan’s and Nigeria’s NSA. Sambo is married to Gusau’s sister according to the Press (CFR). Married to late Aliyu Dasuki’s widow, Gusau clearly still controls Nigeria’s security and is partner to the nations continued woes.

Col. Sambo Dasuki, as against most Nigerians, was vehemently for an amnesty and monetary compensation for Boko Haram maniacal murderers. Dasuki had in the beginning of his term, said that he had their phone numbers and was negotiating with these crazy loony terrorists.

It was thanks to certain media intel. articles and the nation’s military men who imposed it on Jonathan to declare a State of emergency and war against Boko Haram, that the desires of Dasuki-cum Gusau for monetary reward for these mad, fanatical and anti-Islamic terrorists was squashed and they got the bombs they deserved.

NSA Mukhtar and Yar'Adua's approach to the northern terrorist threats.
NSA Mukhtar and Yar’Adua’s approach to the northern terrorist threats.

Unlike during the Yar’adua and his NSA Mukhtar era, where 700 Boko Haram and their leader were killed; under these IBB boys, no sponsor is caught and kid gloves used to allow the terrorists continue to exist to frustrate Nigeria… and “make few stupid people in the nation beg for Gusau to be President.”

In corruption, perhaps others beat Gusau, but in conspiracy, treason, political tinkering, insecurity and terrorism, Gusau is Nigeria’s number one most evil.

70 year old Aliyu Mohammed has been nominated for political reasons by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as Nigeria’s Minister of defence. It is left to see if the senate will confirm his appointment.

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