New Video Shows Boko Haram Terror Capability and Training Before SoE

June 26, 2013

NewsRescue- New video we just obtained, displays the very advanced level of Boko Haram guerrilla training, weapons and military vehicles, earlier this year just before the Nigerian government declared an urgent state of emergency (SOE) and invoked the full strength of the Nigerian military and good citizens to combat the insurgency.

We can not verify if the images in the Boko Haram publicity videos, are all of Nigerian terrorists and equipment Boko Haram had or has. We also muted the voice in the videos in keeping with responsible journalism.

Scroll down for video and images

In the new video, diced from April recordings, Boko Haram members can be seen undergoing extensive professional training in guerrilla and insurgency tactics. They are trained in various shooting techniques and positions, with target practice to sharpen their shooting skills involving targets labeled with names which included, “Kan” (head) of:  “Obama”, “Kufru(Unbeliever),” “Gudlok,” perhaps this meant “Goodluck,”  “Sagir Musa,” the JTF spokesman, “Kan SAS,” and “Kan Namadi Sambo,” the vice president of Nigeria, among others.

On May 14th, the Nigerian government declared full war against Boko Haram, this was just in time to avert a possibly irreversible victory for terrorism in Nigeria. It was reported that Boko was on the verge of declaring the capture of their first Nigerian state. Boko Haram had burned down and taken over all institutions in most northern cities in Borno state.

NewsRescue had written an important article, May 6th, “Boko Haram: Nigeria Losing Borno,” in which we described the near success and narrowing window to curb the rebellion. Our later article “Nigeria at War,” published on May 8th, described the emergency of the situation, imploring for the declaration of a state of emergency and the retaliatory war that was later declared, May 14th by Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan.

According to the United States CFR(council of foreign relations), Boko Haram has killed approximately 2000 Nigerians in its major deadly years.

In 2011, a large percentage of the victims were Muslims, who were closely associated with the government in Abuja. However, since Christmas 2011, Christians have been a growing percentage of victims. Countrywide, according to the NST, at least thirty-seven attacks have occurred at churches and twenty-one at mosques. -CFR


Of recent the sect has returned to non religious, non sectarian conflict inciting killing, with hundreds of deaths of local indigens of Bama, Baga and other towns, the army, youth, students including 7 recently killed in an Ansarudeen primary school, fishermen and other natives, including several Imams and other clerics in the environs who stand in their way.

Exclusive images we obtained earlier from RGUILD, showed many bombed-to-death, Boko Haram suspected terrorists. The Nigerian Military has reported significant success, with destruction of Boko Haram military vehicles, and seizure of computers, communication devices, IED’s, ammunition and other tools. Nigeria’s military and civilian JTF have made significant victories in redressing the stubborn terror menace. Brave citizens have become proactive and engaged in stop and search and citizen arrests of terrorists. The war can not be won without mutual trust, citizen support of the state and state support of citizens.


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