Nnamdi Kanu, A Hell Of An Apology And The Idiocy Of A Cross Border Bandit, by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta

Nnamdi Kanu


by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta,

Just from no where, the story of a cross border bandit was everywhere, people of the southeast gave his name as Nnamdi kanu, they said he is the new face of the struggle against injustices of the Buhari led federal government, that he is the new leader for the oppressed, a new frontier for justice, the new face of the Igbo’s. They continued the blah-blah story with the assurance that this young man, this identified and arrested criminal is their path to salvation and the champion of their destiny, that very soon they will be liberate, just like the Jews and the pharoah, the Igbo’s believed Nnamdi Kanu is their new Moses, the Nigerian Moses, only that this Nigerian Moses, the leader of the Nigerian Jews seemed to be a criminal in Moses garb.

In the past, this un-repentant psycho have calls us all sort of names, he promoted and continue to promote hatred and deceit, division and parochial jargons that have dominated his vision and dreams of a new Biafra. His reasoning is based on a leftist war monger who eat and breath death as the solution to this unending acrimonious brouhaha of a Biafra as a country of its own.

Nnamdi Kanu have insulted our understanding of one nation one destiny by the promotion of evil, hatred, and above all war. He remains unrepentant, that is why the crocodile tears will soon dry up especially when reality is seen by him to be eminent. He started all his criminal activities from London his international base, he was rude and always insulted our sensibilities with massages of hate and the prowess of enmity.

We have all heard of Radio Biafra, a radio station ment for the promotion of hate in Nigeria and the spread of gospel and doctrines of enmity amongst Nigerians, even if you haven’t listen to any of the broadcast by Nnamdi Kanu directly, the story of his statements over the radio Biafra will surely astonished you, leaving you speechless with the un-provoked statements of hate championed by an enemy of Nigerian peace and progress.

Nnamdi Kanu is a man for the dungeon, he is a clown in the payroll of his masters, a comic relieve in the story, a fabricator of a new nation, a climax of bad home upbringing and a dog with two tails.

If he had been reasoning, he wouldn’t have been saying all the nonsensical nuisance, the hype of hate engrossed in his mind is enormous, he always says before he reason, this is why he was categorized as a man who think with his Balls than his brain.

He said he is the new leader of indigenous people of Biafra IPOD, why not TRIPOD? So that he and cohorts can stand with 3 legs, a nuisance will never end in Nigeria, especially with the British Kanu on the loose. Where was he all this time? In Britain ? Promoting hatred and machinations amongst the Nigerian people, why did he came out now ? Because at Jonathan time he became the megaphone of Jonathan government, promoting Jonathan as an Igbo man, he has gotten what he wanted, the oil has greased his palms, the struggle for Biafra was kept for a while but becoming furious when Buhari was declared the winner of the 2015 presidential election. Now under the influence of his masters he wanted to cause commotion, for the government of Buhari must be sabotage and refused progression.

On the 29th December 2015 it was reported by many newspapers that Nnamdi Kanu have tendered an apology to Buhari for calling him names but IPOD The Indigenous People of Biafra, in vanguard news of 30th Dec 2015 and many other newspapers described as blatant lies, the claim that its incarcerated leader and founder of Radio Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi

Kanu has expressed regrets and apologized to President Muhammadu Buhari, for his alleged uncomplimentary remarks and statements that Buhari is, as he said ‘a rapist and pedophile’.

Now the bird has been caged, it has started to sing a song titled ‘Apology to Buhari’ he said he apologies for calling our Noble president names, that he will soon write an apology letter, the second time of this roundabout but it is too little too late because it is not about Buhari now, it is about Nigeria and Nigerians.

Inview of these, we Nigerians are saying to HELL with your apology, there is no need for that unwanted apology from a dog with two tail and a round mouth with two holes, Buhari can forgive you but we Nigerians will not because your time is up only justice remains and must take it cause.

We know you as more of briton than Nigerian because nobody knew about you, only of recent you showed your murderous and ugly face, claiming to be the champion of the oppressed Igbo’s, how criminal, even your grandfather Ojukwu said the issue of Biafra is over, that nothing is better than one Nigeria, one nation, one destiny.

I dont know how Kanu reasons, what would the Igbo’s do with their multi billion naira investment over here in the northern Nigeria? They have been given land and they built on it beautiful edifice of residential houses and companies, land are sold to them without any conditions, the Igbo’s loved it over the north but Kanu hate what the Igbo’s want.

Kanu has no single investment in the northern part of Nigeria, he has no single two bed room flat, he only want to destroy of those who laboured to build their lives in northern Nigeria, that is why he is angry for their refusal to accept his idea, doctrines and prophesies.

Kanu should be incapacitated, incarcerated and possibly executed if found guilty in a competent court of law. In public opinion court, Kanu is already guilty because his statement have led to lost of lives of the innocent. At this time Nigeria does not need hate and war advocates, it needs bridge builders, friends and promoters of peace.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Danbatta.

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