Obasanjo Lies About Late Yar’Adua in Book, See Evidence

Obasanjo and Jonathan

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As former head of State, Olusegun Obasanjo attempts to re-write history in his new book, re-mixing truths with falsehoods all in the attempt to revise his legacy; the former president has been caught lying about his interraction with later President Umar Yar’Adua.

Obasanjo claimed that Yar’Adua lied to him about his health, claiming he had recovered. This falsehood by Obasanjo was clearly in attempt to absolve himself of his grave culpability in taking advantage of a well known terminally ill candidate who he had hoped he would as such be able to manipulate along with a registered corrupt and slightly off-balance Vice president when he failed in his third term ambition.

However we have evidence from Wikileaks Cables which we have presented before of Obasanjo’s thorough knowledge of Yar’Adua’s state of health and even heavy allegations of Obasanjo having been accused of poisoning Yar’Adau when Yar’Adua began to with-hunt him for corruption and recover national assets Obasanjo had coveted through his cabal cronies.

CABLES: Indicate Obasanjo knew Yar’Adua’s Terminal State of Health

Source http://wikileaks.org/cable/2009/05/09ABUJA793.html

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, a Nigerian spy for foreign intelligence agencies/governments
Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, spies on Nigeria for foreign intelligence agencies/governments

¶4. (S) Aliyu Mohammed ‘Gusau’, saying he was quoting Yar’Adua directly, said that Obasanjo had “ordered” the Katsina governor to contest for the Presidency. When Yar’Adua objected that the state of his health precluded it, Obasanjo countered that “God will cure you,” and undertook to cover all medical expenses. When Yar’Adua said he had no money, Obasanjo organized financial angels, all associated with Transcorp and led by Northern millionaire Alhaji Aliko Dangote. This group is supplying the Yar’Adua campaign with 45 jeeps (of which four are armored), a war chest of 5 billion naira, and a rented jet. (Aliyu Mohammed said that Dangote and the other “Transcorp boys” seek a Yar’Adua presidency to facilitate their gaining control over most of Nigeria’s oil and gas production.) Andy Uba, recently selected as PDP gubernatorial candidate for Anambra state, has been a “special assistant” to President Obasanjo; he has no independent power base of his own, and is widely disliked because of his arrogance. Aliyu Mohammed went on to say that the President had ordered the arrest of the chief of staff to Rivers State Governor Peter Odili to warn the latter away from seeking the vice presidential nomination himself.

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CABLES: Indicate Obasanjo’s Kitchen Staff Were Suspected of Poisoning Yar’Adua Due To His Hunting The Former President

EXCLUSIVE: Yar’Adua Was Poisoned By Obasanjo’s Kitchen Staff — Professor Ukandi G. Damachi, USA Cables

Quoting Damachi from the US secret cables:

“There are lots of problems in Nigeria.” The first problem, he said, is the President’s illness; “his food was poisoned”, Damachi alleged. Asked whether he meant “food poisoning” or that someone had deliberately poisoned the President’s food, Damachi shrugged, replying “The President inherited Obasanjo’s kitchen staff”; Yar’Adua has now fired them all, and the kitchen has been cleaned out following the incident, Damachi said. At the same time, Damachi went on, the President did attend functions on both the Saturday and Sunday preceding his illness and ate some food at both of them. “What President eats at a function?”, Damachi asked rhetorically. The President was so sick that the day he signed the budget, he was unable to sign a second piece of legislation awaiting his approval…”

Link: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2008/04/08LAGOS153.html; Cable dated  24 Apr. 2008

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